October 16, 2013
Square Announces Square Cash

Square Cash Sounds too good to be true. Email someone an amount, CC cash@square.com, and they get the money (after signing up with Square if they haven’t already). There is no step 3. Also, notice that if you send them $20 they get $20, and you pay $20, no fees.

No more pricing grids. No more fine print. Sending and receiving cash is free without gimmicks.

Nice review of the service at All Things D. The biggest catch right now is that it only works in the US with debit cards from MasterCard or Visa. Still, even if this is just a play by Square to get a huge number of signups, it sounds like a great deal, and it concludes with:

[…] Square Cash is the quickest, simplest method I’ve seen for sending money from one person to another.

Posted by Arcterex at October 16, 2013 02:06 PM