November 29, 2013
Kristen Bell's Body of Lie

Kristen Bell’s Body of Lies - another great video from Funny or Die about how Kristen Bell is actually covered with tattoos.

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Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

As someone who as a kid had more than one book on paper airplanes, I had to immediately back the Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane by Shai Goitein on kickstarter.

Seriousoy, how f-n cool is this?!

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The Best Black Friday Deals for Your Mac | Mac.AppStorm

The Best Black Friday Deals for Your Mac from AppStorm. I’ve already bought two of these things.

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November 28, 2013
How Disney Animated Snow for 'Frozen'

How Did Disney Animate Such Beautiful Snow for ‘Frozen’? SlashFilm has a great video look at it.

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November 27, 2013
Amazing 80s Era Camera Review by Digital... I Mean Shutter Rev, TV

This awesome review of the Canon Top Twin film camera shows just how good (or bad) the good old days of photography actually were. Really a great look at how things were (at least viewed through our current age eyes).

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Star Wars: The Apprentice Concept Video

Found on the net is this Star Wars concept video (nothing official or to do with Episode VII, just a fan film): The Apprentice.

STAR WARS: THE APPRENTICE from Todd Sandler on Vimeo.

That said, it’s a really friggin’ good fan film.

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Brits Fill In The States

It’s Thanksgiving So We Asked Brits To Label The United States. Pretty funny, spoken as a Canadian who wouldn’t do half as well as some of the entries there :)

I do want to see the “Americans fill in the names of provinces” version….

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Scary Bikers Protect Child Abuse Victims

So what happens when you’re a child and a victim of terrible things, and don’t feel safe in your own house? Turns out the simple solution is you have a tough-as-nails biker gang hanging around you to protect you.

She never feels safe, even with her parents just downstairs. The unruly-looking mob in her driveway is there to help her feel safe again. They are members of the Arizona chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse International, and they wear their motto on their black leather vests and T-shirts: “No child deserves to live in fear.”

Seriously, how amazingly cool are these bad ass mofos?

If the man who hurt this little girl calls or drives by, or even if she is just scared, another nightmare, the bikers will ride over and stand guard all night. If she is afraid to go to school, they will take her and watch until she’s safely inside. And if she has to testify against her abuser in court, they will go, too, walking with her to the witness stand and taking over the first row of seats. Pipes will tell her, “Look at us, not him.” And when she’s done, they will circle her again and walk her out.

I want to be part of a gang like this. It seriously brings a tear to my eye just reading the story.

“Are you afraid?” No, the boy said. Pipes says the judge seemed surprised, and asked, “Why not?” The boy glanced at Pipes and the other bikers sitting in the front row, two more standing on each side of the courtroom door, and told the judge, “Because my friends are scarier than he is.”

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November 26, 2013
Nirvana punks Top of the Pops in 1991

As a child of the 90s (kinda), seeing Nirvana punking Top of the Pops in 1991 was amazingly awesome.

The band was told that they’d be playing over a track (which is of course what 99% of the “live” performances by big artists these days are), and not being too happy about that that the band basically mocked the whole thing, with Cobain singing in a weird affected voice and the band barely pretending to play their instruments, much less in time with the music.

It’s an epic performance.

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November 25, 2013
Miss Ping video demystified

Very cool pair of videos that Jim found on the Loop. First is a great viral video called Miss Ping, and then the second is the Miss Ping video demystified where it’s all dymistified.

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Border Collies Sneak up on each other

Great video of Border Collies sneaking up on each other to start your morning off right.

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November 24, 2013
The History Of OS/2 on Ars Technica

Ars Technica has a great article, Half an operating system: The triumph and tragedy of OS/2 all about the rise (kinda) and fall, and everything in between of this ill fated OS (of which I was a great supporter and really thought was better in the pre-Windows 95 days.

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November 22, 2013
Batman: The Deal

Fan made comic: Batman: The Deal.

Wow. Amazing.

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School Finds Switch to HP Tablets "Unmitigated Disaster"

The Switch to e-books was ‘an unmitigated disaster’, says school principal.

Students experienced problems such as tablets failing to switch on, tablets spontaneously going into sleep mode, devices looping while performing automatic repairs, system board failures and issues with wi-fi.

Weird, I’ve never had any of those issues with my iPad. I’m sure that no one thought to look at those though.

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The gentleman's guide to fist bumping

The gentleman’s guide to fist bumping contains more than you can possibly want to know about different ways of fistbumping. Note: The Parachute is my favorite.

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And The Award For Most Canadian Headline Goes to....

Moose-eating shark rescued in Newfoundland harbour.

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Sacha Baron Cohen Pulls Classic Prank At BAFTA Awards

Another must watch from Geeks of Doom: Sacha Baron Cohen Pulls Classic Prank At BAFTA Britannia Awards.

Also, SBC is a funny mofo. :)

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November 21, 2013
How and Why To Journal

Day One (the iOS and Mac app) has a nice Journal Series which is more about how and why to keep a journal or diary than about their (excellent) app. Good read.

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Thomas Hawk's First Impressions on Flickr's New Book Publishing Service

Thomas Hawk has his First Impressions on Flickr’s New Book Publishing Service.

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Channing Tatum Parodies Jean-Claude Van Damme's Epic Splits

Everyone’s see the JCVD splits video and this Channing Tatum Parody is so, so much better.

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November 20, 2013
Trent Reznor facetimes With Dying Fan On Stage

Ok, this is cool…. Trent Reznor facetimes w/ dying fan on stage DURING NIN show. Regardless of what you think of Facetime or Nine Inch Nails, that’s a pretty awesome thing to do.

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Adobe Drops Previous License Requirement for Photoshop/Lightroom Photographer Deal

So now Adobe giving EVERYONE Photoshop CC/Lightroom 5/Behance +20GB storage for $10/month until Dec 2, when the previous deal was you had to have an existing valid license for Adobe Photoshop CS3 or higher.

Adobe today announced a pretty solid Black Friday deal. Adobe initially launched the Photoshop Photography Program in September to support the needs and workflow of photographers who use CS3 or later. Now, for a limited time, Adobe it is extending this offer to ALL photographers for $9.99/month as an annual subscription - valid from Nov. 20 (9:00 a.m. PST) through Dec. 2, 2013 (11:59 p.m. PST) on…

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Bob Dylan "Like A Rolling Stone" Official Interactive Video

I didn’t know there wasn’t a music video for Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” already, but apparently not. Today they released the “official” and interactive music video. Use your up and down arrow keys (or the buttons in the video) to change the channel as the video plays. You’ll get it after a bit.

This is something that really is a new take. Pretty friggin’ amazing.

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November 19, 2013
Great Dance At A Game

One Man Dances Like Nobody’s Watching and it is glorious.

Another one from The Loop.

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Monty Python to reunite for stage show

BBC Brings the great news that Monty Python is going to to reunite for stage show.

All of the surviving members of comedy group Monty Python are to reform for a stage show, one of the Pythons, Terry Jones, has confirmed.


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November 12, 2013
Activity Tracking Your Dogs

So to me this approaches the “Going too far” zone. Quantifying my dogs: Four weeks with Whistle’s canine activity tracker. Basically it’s the fitbit for your puppy.

Really world? Have we reached the hipster phase where tracking your own steps is old and boring, you have to track your dog too?

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Microsoft does away with stack ranking

Read this morning that Microsoft has done away with stack ranking. This was a controversial management technique that fell under some criticism when there was an expose on it a while back, linked to a few “Ballmer is the worst evah” type stories.

Microsoft is announcing to its full-time employees on November 12 that there will be no more curve and no more reviewing “on the curve” at the company. Lisa Brummel, head of human resources for the company, sent an e-mail to employees notifying them of the change today, according to my contacts. 

Wonder how much of this is Ballmer’s term as CEO ending? No matter the reasoning, the results will (hopefully) result in a better environment for employees.

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November 08, 2013
Apple Changes iCloud Photo Stream Limit from 1000 to "None"

Via 512px comes the news that Apple has changed the Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing limits:

There is no limit to the number of photos you can upload to My Photo Stream over time, but iCloud limits the number of photos that can be uploaded within a given hour, day, or month to prevent unintended or excessive use. 

Yay. First step in an EverPix replacement?

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Starship Troopers: One of the Most Misunderstood Movies Ever - Calum

Starship Troopers: One of the Most Misunderstood Movies Ever in The Atlantic. I’m so glad that one of my favorite movies is finally being seen as something other than a vapid and silly version of the original (awesome, hardcore) book.

But those critics had missed the point. Starship Troopers is satire, a ruthlessly funny and keenly self-aware sendup of right-wing militarism. The fact that it was and continues to be taken at face value speaks to the very vapidity the movie skewers.

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Russian Police Officers Cover "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk

Quite possibly the best cover you’ll hear all day: Russian Police Officers Cover “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk.

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November 07, 2013
'RoboCop' Trailer: Let's Play Bad Cop/RoboCop | Geeks of Doom

I don’t care about them remaking stuff all the time, for example, this ‘RoboCop’ Trailer: Let’s Play Bad Cop/RoboCop looks bloody awesome.

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November 06, 2013
I've Never Been Excited About an Ice Cream Scoop Before This

The Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop by Belle-V Kitchen on kickstarter is really the only innovation in the ice cream scoop industry I’ve ever seen, and I’m a big fan of ice cream. Seriously cool. They’re over halfway to their kickstarter goal too, lets make this happen!

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November 05, 2013
Biker Point of View Cam: Backflip Over 72ft Canyon

Somehow I missed posting this last week when I saw it…. don’t watch on a bit monitor full screen and high resolution if you get vertigo at all, bit if you do, this Backflip Over 72ft Canyon, plus the rest of Kelly McGarry’s bike run is insane to watch.

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Hilarious: Pictures from a developer's life

As a developer, the post Pictures from a developer’s life and the other parts (links at the bottom of the page) are some of the funniest tumblr-style-gif-posts I’ve ever seen.

Thanks to @halkeye for pointing me to them!

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Photography Service Everpix Shutting Down

Sad news today on the Everpix Blog that the photo storage and sharing service is shutting down :( I’ve followed Everpix for a while now and really thought they had “made it”. They were well loved by the photography community.

Some more information about the shutdown over in this Verge article.

The upside is that the guys involved are talented, so you know whatever they create next will be awesome. Best of luck in the future gentlemen.

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November 04, 2013
Super Cute Lioness Hugging Her Rescuer

Really incredible heart-warming bond with two conservationists who rescued a lioness in Africa. Super cute pics.

She is now a beacon for hoped success of the Modisa Wildlife Project, founded in Botswana, Africa, by Mr Gruener, from Germany, and Mr Legarth, who is Danish, with the hope of saving the lion population.

Via this reddit story.

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The LEGO® Movie Official Trailer

The LEGO® Movie finally has an Official Trailer. It actually looks kinda good. Thanks Jim for the link!

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November 01, 2013
iPad Air Speed Comparison vs Every iPad Ever Made

This iPad Air Speed Comparison vs Every iPad Ever Made will tell you what you knew already.

New stuff is faster than old stuff.

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