April 01, 2014
Banned for Life From The Play Store

Banned for Life is an interesting story on Medium about an Android app developer who wrote some apps (which wrapped others’ youtube videos in an easy to use app), and got banned for life.

It’s already incredibly difficult to make money on Android. Not having access to the most popular and most easily accessible store would make it impossible to run a successful business. I have used Android since the beginning and I have tried other stores, but no longer use them. It’s just too much trouble for the average user to have to deal with multiple stores. Alternative stores are a good if you are already successful on the Play store and you want to try and supplement your income a bit, but that’s about it.

Interesting commentary about being an Android developer as well. Remember this is someone who chose to develop in Android instead of iOS, so the commentary is a bit damming. Not that you can’t get completely screwed with iOS (app rejections anyone?), and not that he didn’t make apps that were ripe for rejection and just a bad idea. Still, compared to what my “android friends” say (ie: “with Android you make way more money” and “that’s just biased information from apple fanboys” (in regards to pages saying that while Android has a higher marketshare, iOS is kicking ass in the revenue department)), it’s an interesting read.

Posted by Arcterex at April 01, 2014 03:39 PM