April 08, 2014
Lightroom Releases Mobile App for iPad and Web

Lightroom mobile was released last night. It’s an iPad app and a webapp, which is run through your Adobe CC account (required). It syncs fairly transparently through the cloud and images appear on the web for display or sharing, or on your iPad for an almost full blown editing experience.

Several aspects are missing from the app. No keywording, colors, or metadata editing, but a basically complete editing experience. Very cool. If you need the other side of the coin, PhotoSmith handles image ingesting, selecting, keywording, adding metadata, and sorting really well, but (as of now) has no editing capabilities. A match made in heaven.

Lightroom Mobile was super easy to setup and install, and as long as you have an Adobe CC account (even the $9.99 photographer bundle thankfully!), it’s free and as far as I can tell un-restricted. A great way to have a portfolio setup on the go and doing some quick and dirty editing.

Posted by Arcterex at April 08, 2014 10:01 AM