April 24, 2014
DPReview's First Impressions Of the Leica "T"

From the Leica T first impressions review:

Assessing a camera like the Leica T comes with its own set of problems. The first is suspension of disbelief at the pricing - Leica has become a premium, essentially ‘designer’ brand, but even so the idea of spending £2700 for a mirrorless camera with no built-in EVF and a slow zoom lens is difficult to accept rationally. But exclusivity has become part of Leica’s continued existence, and manufacturing this kind of product in Germany (complete with 45 minutes of hand-finishing each body shell) both contributes to, and helps justify, the high price. The design is - quite deliberately - all about desire over reason.

It is a damn sexy camera, but I couldn’t justify the cost.

Posted by Arcterex at April 24, 2014 03:14 PM