January 13, 2015
The 'Muslim Birmingham' Fox News Claim Trail of Tears

BBC News - Apology for ‘Muslim Birmingham’ Fox News claim.

I can’t. Just… wow. Make sure you watch the full video of his “apology”. And then head over to #FoxNewsFacts on twitter to see the Internet mocking Fox News.

Then head over to see the original report where the whole thing started, with the bastion of Fair and Balanced says that Birmingham (a lovely English town) is “all Muslim” and how there are “hundreds” of no-go zones where non-muslims don’t go.

Keep an eye on the female anchors face when he talks about how anyone who goes to Birmingham who doesn’t dress according to Muslim law get beaten.

And finally read how traumatizing this ordeal has been on him.

If you told me this was a comedy parody from the Onion I would believe it. Yet some crazy huge percentage of the US population relies on Fox for actual news.


Posted by Arcterex at January 13, 2015 10:04 AM