The Mystery Of Anthony and Garth

On December 17 1998, at approximately 11:00pm, PST, two new names were introduced in the userfriendly archives.

Anthony and Garth.

Who are these people? What relevance do they have to the strip? The characters? Does this have something to do with Bill Clinton's impeachment hearings?

Illiad, author and creator of UserFriendly was suspiciously unavailable for comment. The only contact we have that is close to him reports him as "not around." This is sounding more suspiciously like a coverup every minute.

After some consideration about the course of action to take, the Star Wars tapes were reviewed again. No mention of Anthony or Garth could be found in either the original edition, the remastered original edition, the remastered surround sound original edition, the widescreen original edition, the updated versions, the widescreen updated versions, the widescreen surround sound versions, the dvd updated versions, or the dvd updated widescreen surround sound versions.

Searches of the UserFriendly Archives (going from start to finish) produced no references to these shadowy figures either.


Deduction leads us to believe that Anthony and Garth are perhaps aliases for the shortest characters in the movies. These would be the jawas or perhaps R2D2. Did Illiad know the jawas personally? Perhaps he has an "in" with someone at LucasArts, and has enough inside information to find out the names of the jawas.

But why would he need to know this? Some master plan? A plot that will result in an even funnier punch line at sometime? Will Anthony and Garth aid Illiad in his plans to take over the world somehow?

Maybe "Lord Crud" should be Lord Illiad in his demented search for power, has Illiad gone off the perverbial deep end (right out of the space station perhaps) and thinks that he is Darth Vader.

Maybe that is the wrong direction. Maybe Anthony and Garth are not real people at all, but in fact codes for something. Lets hex it out and see:



Total ----
0x4d7 (hex)
1239 (decimal)

So 4d7 or 1239 have something to do with it maybe? Do these numbers aid us in unlocking the mystery of Anthony and Garth? Perhaps, perhaps not. 1239 adds up to 15. How does that help? Maybe not at all, maybe it means everything though. 2 days ago was the 15th of this the month. 2 full days before the strip aired. Was this the day that something special happened to these mysterious figures? Will we ever find out?

But wait!!!!!!

Loyal UFie Tiggersol has noted something so obvious I was blinded to it at first. 1+2+39 = 42

42! Which is as you all know, the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything. Has Illiad come up with the question? Is he in cahoots with the mice somehow?

Anthony and Garth. Such innocent names. Yet somehow they are able to fascinate us to the point of hexidecimal math. Could that be the plot? That there is no plot at all? Perhaps the introduction of these two names were mearly to distract us while other, more sinister goings on occur....

Have no fears, I will be there, watching and waiting with every vigilant keyboard, ready to report any goings on that occur.


Agents of mine, also fascinated by Anthony and Garth, those mysterious men, have come up with some interesting facts. Here is what was discovered:

I did some numerology reserach and found out the folowing facts.

1239 was a bad year for kings...having influence in both the war for independence in Scotland and the fall of the Byzantine Empire... (

Edward I (1239-1307), king of England (1272-1307). He was born in Westminster, the eldest son of King Henry III. Following his father's death in 1272, Edward was recognized as king by the English barons. In the first years of his reign, he suppressed corruption in the administration of justice, restricted the jurisdiction of the ecclesiastical courts to church affairs, and eliminated the papacy's overlordship over England.

The major conflict in Edward's reign was an ongoing conflict with the people of Scotland. In agreeing to arbitrate among the claimants to the Scottish throne, Edward, in 1291, had required that he be recognized as overlord of Scotland. The Scots later repudiated him, and Edward invaded and conquered Scotland in 1296, declaring himself king of the realm. In 1298 he again invaded Scotland to suppress the revolt led by Sir William Wallace. However, he failed to crush Scottish opposition. In 1303 he again undertook the conquest of Scotland. Wallace was captured and executed in 1305, but a new revolt broke out, and Robert Bruce became king of Scotland. In 1307 Edward died while traveling to fight the Scots again.

Baldwin II (of Constantinople) (1217-1273), last Latin emperor of Constantinople (1228-1261), nephew of Baldwin I. At the age of 11 he inherited the throne, but was not crowned until 1239, following the death of John of Brienne, who had ruled as regent. In 1261 his capital was taken by his Byzantine rival, Michael VIII Palaeologus. Baldwin's fall ended the Latin Empire in the East.

But that's not all. if you take the square root of 1239 you get 35.1994. What happened on March 5, 1994? (excerpt from

Roswell videos are beginning to surface as more and more people are picking up their camcorders and searching the skies for UFOs. At Midway the sightings continue almost daily. At last count there are close to 2000 hours of footage, which is roughly 1000 - two hour long video cassettes. An archive taken between March 5,1994 to the present.

A bad day for government indeed. coincidence? I think not.

Thanks to Silvrbear for the research.