UFies.org is the official fan site for the Userfriendly cartoon. It is run by yours truly and provides a place for the Userfriendly community, even those hit by the productivity virus to meet, greet, and "hang out" (virtually of course).

In reality, it's YANS (yet another news site) with postings of random linkage and stories that interest me. Anything to do with linux, doom, quake, movies, humor, carnage, and destruction really. Anyone is welcome to submit news (by email only currently), and we (I) try to keep on top of Userfriendly community doings. This all comes at a price however, including speling, grammer not good, and other randomness.


UFies.org originally started long, long ago, running off an ADSL account and under the name of one of the free DNS services, either ml.org or dyndns.org. I managed to convince someone at paralynx (responsible for hosting userfriendly.org) to create an alias for me, and ufies.userfriendly.org was born. A while later, through the kind influence of illiad I was able to secure cheap colocation hosting and installed a series of (progressivly better) computers in the paralynx computer room.


Many many, many people helped to make this server, and it's services possible. I'll list them here in no particular order. If I missed you, I'm sorry. Mail me and bitch me about about it, and I'll put your name in.


If you wish to contact me about any problems, bitches, complaints, complements, flames or pizza, you can get a hold of me by by any of the methods listed on the contact page.