June 29, 2002
Gnome 2 Review

OSnews has a review of the new GNOME 2 environment. I hate to say it, but I agree with him on a lot of his points. I'm in GNOME 2 right now, and while it's usable as a desktop, it's nowhere near as nicely integrated or mature as KDE, and feels far less featureful than the GNOME 1.4 release. Hopefully now that it's out there, the developers, users, and usability people will fix all the silly little bugs that are there (ie: applets not obeying Fitts' law (though the menus on the panel do), lack of decent config options for many things, and letting go of the "less is always better" mentality towards preferences, as well as adding some better tools to use within the GNOME environment (I can configure my kernel from withing KDE3, but I can't even control a sound server or pretty much any system stuff from the stock gnome2 tools).

Anyone else have any opinions on the new release?

Posted by Arcterex at June 29, 2002 02:20 AM