April 30, 2003
Doom 3 Q&A [shacknews] Doom III Q&A. Survey says, "truely spoogeworthy".
Tim Willits: Doom III will truly change what people expect from a video game experience. Every piece of technology, from the rendering system to the six-channel surround sound and the realistic physics, is coupled with incredible art and design to create a world that is hyperrealistic and more interactive than ever.
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Hax0r Handle Generator Haxor Handle Generator. Most amusing. You may know me now as "Elite Serious"
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Protection for Purchases This mpeg has been making the rounds at work. Very funny.
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iPod Info With the release of the new iPods I'm hoping that a flood of "old" iPods will appear at reasonable prices (sorry, but $750 CND is not reasonable), and when this happens a lot of the questions I've had about the iPod can be answered at the iPod Lounge.
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April 29, 2003
Russian Linux Russian Linux. Made me do a double take..... :)
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April 28, 2003
The Gentoo Framebuffer, Bootsplash & Grubsplash How-To Gentoo Forums :: View topic - The Gentoo Framebuffer, Bootsplash & Grubsplash How-To.... good looking resource, with some nice images of what is being aimed for. Anyone else played around with this?
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Real World AOL IM Convos A great photoshop contest on fark, on what a realistic AIM conversation is like.
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April 24, 2003
Half Life 2 Details Spoog-o-rific! Tig found a scan of pages from the latest pc gamer with 12 full pages on Half life 2! The first page is here. Change the filename from *_1.jpg to *_2.jpg all the way to _12.jpg for the rest of the article (I'm too lazy to create links right now :)

New game engine, awsome effects, not quite aimed at the doom3 crowd, but still good (playable on a p3-700 with a tnt2 all the way up to the latest and greatest), better AI, better effects, new AI system (muscle system, lip syncing, and realistic beast movement), lots of attention to light and reflections, in development since the original Half Life came out and best of all, it's going to be released in less than six months!

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Word is Not a Document Exchange Format Via Dive into Mark comes a link to Word is not a document exchange format, a good rant on the subject of why .doc sucks.
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Userfriendly Keyword Searches in Opera Ufie Gero has passed on how to modify opera so you can do a search through the UF search engine with a keyword such as "uf pitr coffee" or the like. He has posted the code here for all to enjoy. Thanks Gero!
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April 23, 2003
ASR Quotes An oldie but a goodie: ASR Quotes.
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New Outlook Worm Apparently there is a new outlook worm going around that is exploiting SARS fears. Standard rules apply, don't open .exe files in your mail. Ever.
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April 22, 2003
The Future of Rhythmbox There is a good article posted on the future of Rhythmbox, and some of the cool features that may/will/are planned. Basically taking the best from iTunes, vfolders, and existing tools to build a very cool music system.
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April 21, 2003
Max Payne Kung Fu Edition MAX PAYNE: Kung Fu Edition sounds really cool... an add on to the original Max Payne (a couple of years old already) that lets you do some serious ass kicking kung fu style in nifty bullet time! Check out the "media" link and the video of what you can do!
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Postgresql Interview Interesting Interview with the PostgreSQL Team on OSNews, lots of notes on what is to come.
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Microsoft Showing They Are a Monopoly (Again) This sort of thing really makes me sick. Reported in The Register is the story of a foxpro developer who was told he could not demonstrate an application because running on a linux machine because it would violate the EULA. The article goes on to explain that according to microsoft:
The suggestion every Linux machine running VFP-created aps would need a VFP license. For Windows, only the development machine needs to have a VFP license.
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Picture Gallery In my morning travels I found the gallery of dhabih eng, who does some kickass work. Some I'd actually seen years ago, like this pic, which graced my desktop for ages.
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April 20, 2003
Analysis of the Oscar Speech Someone with far too much time on their hands has done some audio analysis of the Michael Moore speech, based on the audio feeds from ABC and CNN, and found some interesting results. One more reason to remember that CNN is the devil I guess. The content of the speech aside, it's interesting to see how easy it is to distort things with perspective, as shown on this page, where the infamous Saddam statue toppling suddenly looks very different when seen from the wide angle view....

Not that I think the media would ever distort the truth in favor of getting a story out first or sensationalism.. heavens no!

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April 17, 2003
Joke of the Day From cleaning out my inbox, this came from foz ages ago, sorry if it's a repost.
The invention of the Internet has provided man with a new, powerful tool for world change and affectation, but if there is one thing I've learned, it's that mankind's greatest dream is not to solve world hunger or cure the common cold, it is to see naked chicks.
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Bitstream Fonts Released GNOME - Bitstream Vera Fonts version 1.1 released onto the world.
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April 16, 2003
Re-Installing Windows The FuzzyBlog has a great rant on windows.
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Doom 3 Preview Not a lot of new info, but good for spooge factor is a wired article entitled Prepare to Meet Thy Doom
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April 15, 2003
Nifty Backgrounds Some nifty wallpapers called "Raro Pueblo". The high res version is currently gracing my desktop.
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April 14, 2003
Userfriendly DNS Down (but now back up) "It was as if millions of geeks cried out in pain, and then were silent.." -- Obi-Wan-Dustpuppy

Apparently the userfriendly.org DNS servers, as well as those of it's host, parasun, are down down down. No report just yet of why, but Yohimbe has been contacted, and hopefully things will get back to normal soon (assuming anyone else has noticed). Thanks to Boytcho from Bulgaria for contacting me and letting me know it wasn't just the internal work DNS servers that had gone strange.

Update - looks like things are back to normal again. You can come out again.

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April 11, 2003
We Love the Iraqi Information Minister We Love the Iraqi Information Minister shows how information about historic events would have been altered (only slightly). The Death Star one is my favorite, followed closely by the Monty Python one.

The other good site (I assume, it's been CNN'd) is http://www.welovetheiraqiinformationminister.com/ Can't wait to see what they have when they come up againl.

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April 10, 2003
Deep Thought for the Day Found in a .sig on the fun with perl mailing list:
"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your owncommon sense."
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April 09, 2003
Advertising and Politics Oh my, apparently we are being Bamboozled By Ads! Polititions are lying and there are more ads than ever.... say it ain't so!
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April 08, 2003
Stupid Security Contest Via this story on LMB is a list of the contest winners of the stupid security competition which unearthed some real gems of various countries with their heads far up their behinds in regards to post 9/11 security "issues".
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Elephant Opens Gate to Save Antelopes [fark] Yahoo! News - Elephant unlatches gate to save South African antelopes. The title pretty much says it all. A group had a bunch of antelopes rounded up and were approached by a herd of elephants, who proceeded to free them. Neat read.
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April 07, 2003
The Story of NewGirl Thanks Iambe for this link to an all-too familar story of love and weblogs, in the girl who cried "webmaster". Joey, I feel for ya.
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Flashback time Wow, flashback... anyone else have Encyclopedia Brown as a childhood hero?
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HTML and CSS and Compatibility The Evolt.org Rebuild: The HTML and CSS is a good read. They decided to show that you can build a web page that is standards compliant and more importantly, accessible and compliant in everything from lynx, links, netscape 3.x, iCab, mozilla, netscape 6, opera and IE. They figure they got close to 100% conformance with all the browsers (graphical ones anyway), but are HTML 4.01 Transitional and CSS 1.0 compliant.

A webpage that looks good in whatever you view it in, doesn't have any stupid "this site only viewable in IE" messages, or any silly tricks like stripping off all CSS for non-IE browsers.

Now, throwing the site through the html validator doesn't render perfect results, but I think the results are worth using a single depricated element ("MARGINHEIGHT").

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Weight Loss With the sunrun fast approaching, the thoughts of some geeks may turn to weight loss... you can run faster and farther with less bulk right? Well Jared of intense-workout.com has the straight goods on fast weight loss. A good read for anyone who has been tempted to buy any of the <blink><flash>"loose 30 pounds in 4 weeks!"</flash></<blink> products.
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Fox News of Yesteryear Lying Media Bastards has a great link to a fark photoshop contest that asks "What if Fox News were around during other historical events"? Given my current opinion of "the media" I found it most hilarious :)
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Computer Stupidities Some old, some new, all good, head over and read Computer Stupidities again, for the first time (or second).
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April 05, 2003
Bad Way to Loose a Car Via raskal is a nifty WMV video of a car being destroyed by a minigun.


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April 04, 2003
Photoshop Friday at SomethingAwful Some great photoshop work over at Something Awful.
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Pair Programming Via Screen Some good suggestions from /. on using screen for pair programming. I didn't realize that screen could do this... definately helps if you want to pair program and don't have desks that allow two people to be close enough to the keyboard... Silv, Engel, and Foz will be interested in this. The original topic of this (Hydra) is cool too.
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April 02, 2003
Conspiracy Theories Home Page of Wade Frazier has some good stuff on conspiracies for all those willing to go through it. The ones on the moon landings, the "discovery" of america and JFK are particularily good readings.
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April 01, 2003
IT Doesn't Trust MS Apparently IT doesn't trust MS. Well Duh!
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Open Letter to Saddam There is a great Open Letter to Saddam Hussein on Everything2. Good read, both for humor and the "makes you think" thing.
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12" Powerbook Review The Register has a nice review of the 12" Powerbook. Good examination, and unlike other reviews, they actually used it solid for a month before giving their impressions. Anyone want to donate one to UFies? :)
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Squirrel Rebles These are some Squirrel you don't want to mess with. Link via fark.
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Top April Fools Jokes The top april fools hoaxes. Thanks for the link foz.
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BeOS Filesystem Overview Pretty neat look at the design of the BeOS filesystem. Part of a larger series from a while back entitled Tales of a BeOS Refugee. Neat stuff. Anyone know if BeOS is atill around anywhere, or available to play with?
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Fark Hax0red fark-hax0red.png Merry April.
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