June 30, 2005
King Kong Trailer Oh my goodness, the King Kong is the coolest thing I've seen in ages. Say no more, just click and watch. Then mutter about it not coming till Dec 14th.... Peter jackson is the man :)
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June 24, 2005
Top 100 Movie Quotes AFIs list of top 100 movie quotes. Strangly (or not, as it's MSN), the list itself only seems to show up for me in IE. Thanks Microsoft!
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June 23, 2005
Softmodding Your Radeon Card Note for self later.. ATI Softmod (linkto FAQ). Will have to determine what varient of the 9800 I have and if I can make it faster.... :) Additional tool: atitool.
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New SquirrelMail Version Sorry for the late notice, but UFies has gotten a Posted by Arcterex at 03:47 PM
June 21, 2005
Office Prank Pictures Some pics of Office pranks. Some old, some new.
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Baby Tux Hanscom Family weblog points to baby penguins. Cute little puppies... uhm.... chicks... uhmm... babies.
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Lost Explained Lost fans (you know who you are) may find some interest in Lost Explained!. Via linuxart.
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June 15, 2005
Gentoo Ricing Guide Fscking hilarious.... in addition to the funroll-loops site, check out this nice Gentoo Howto: Gentoo Ricing 170% guide. Lots of great tips in there.

(Note: read all the way through before NOT attempting anything listed in there :)

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Daily Show On Jack-O Link to a video of The Daily Show on the Michael Jackson verdict. As usual, Jon Stewart is on the mark and hilarious :)
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June 14, 2005
How To Fix Stuck Case Fans Neat guide on how to unstick stuck fans.
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Triumph on MJ Forgetfoo has a great vid with Triumph the Insult Dog talks to the MJ fans. Hilarious as usual.
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How to Assure No Second Date A nice write up in a blog on how to avoid a second date. Freakin' hilarious!
6. Wow. Leave your balls alone. Seriously, holy cow. Those are your balls. You guys are sitting, maybe, three feet apart. Jesus, man. There is not a dating guidebook in the world that would even conceive of writing a chapter called "Don't Play With Your Balls (on the First Date)" because any mammal with the gift of literacy would not even consider this a "Do I or Don't I?" kind of question. Wow. There you go again.
Good funny to wake up to on a tuesday after being awake till 2am!

On a related note (as in, also a funny blog entry) a review of the fashion highs and lows of religious extremists is a good read. Critisism of the fashion sense of the god hates [fags|shri-lanka|pope|america|everyone-but-us] people.

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June 11, 2005
Obi Doesn't Remember R2? Cool blog entry over at the star wars blogs on Why doesn't Obi-Wan remember Artoo.
After first shuffling around with some nonsense about his old name (yes, Yoda calls him Obi-Wan after Luke's birth... let's stay on target here people), Ben is the master of not technically lying.
A cool read for fans anyway. Linked to by the 7 year old watching all 6 movies entry that was linked on /. this morning.
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June 10, 2005
Battlefield 2 Demo Out Cool, Gamespot has the BF2 Demo online now. This looks awesome, at least from the E3 trailer. This is the sequal to Battlefield 1942, which if you remember right has lots of fighting action, lots of vehicles you can jump in and out of, etc. Very cool. It's a 500mb download, so I hope it's worth it :)
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Friday Smile Numa Dance always makes me smile.
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June 09, 2005
A Guide To Buying Guiness A Guide For The Un-Initated To Buying Guinness In An Irish Pub. Thanks Darren.
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Counterstrike:Source Gimmicks I knew that Valve had released a map called "cs_office" for counterstrike, but have never played it. Found some info and screenshots on the CSBanana gimmicks page, and love the look of some of the stuff they put in. Note the inspirational posters... my favorite one has to be the one for 'ping' :)
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June 08, 2005
Now That's a Flight Sim Setup! Holy crap, that's some setup. Using WideView, and found on this thread on creating an f117 casemod.
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Photoshop Shortcut Keys in GIMP I haven't seen this before, but if you're a photoshop user who wants to use the timp, the Photoshop-ish Keyboard Shortcuts for The Gimp 2.2 may help the transition.
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Beethoven Symphonies Available in MP3 Format Cool, the BBC has released 5 of Beethoven's 9 symphonies (so far, all are planned) online as unemcombered mp3s. Very cool. Via BoingBoing.
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June 06, 2005
Apple Keynote Live Updates I didn't realize that the rumors of Apple-on-Intel were anything more than pie in the sky rumors..... Dana was nice enough to point me to the WWDC 2005 Keynote Coverage which has live updates. Or rather, has live updates (as it's now 30 minutes passed when I originally started posting this, and things are starting to happen :)
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June 03, 2005
Prey Video Prey's just released E3 2005 Video. Looks pretty nice..... lots of interesting work with gravity as well, and some interesting looking stuff when you go out of your body and shoot baddies with a glowing bow and arrow.
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Does Your Logo Look Like a Penis? .... if so, you could be in the PHALLIC LOGO AWARDS.
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GetInternetExplorer (.com) Now IE users won't feel left out when they get jelous of the Firefox users.
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June 02, 2005
Dress Up Steve Jobs Joy of Tech has a great flash game where you get to dress up Steve Jobs.
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June 01, 2005
Warhammer Army For Sale My buddy is selling a huge Necron Army, fullly based and painted, worth approx $1000 off the shelf. Check out the sale and help my buddy out.
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