March 29, 2006
Crysis (Game) HD Trailer (ooh sexy!) Wow, I saw this game in the list of stuff coming in 2006, but the trailer posted on fileshack shows some very sexy effects... some say that extra eye candy gets in the way of fast action shooters, but if it gets me more immersed in the "feel" of the game, I tend to enjoy it more. This game looks like it does it. Course, you need a dual quad SLI mortgage-your-home video card to play probably, but in 6months those'll come standard when you buy a new PC :)
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March 27, 2006
Bald Eagle Cam Now this is freakin' awesome. Someone set up a bald eagle cam with streaming video, pointed at (from a very close distance) a bald eagle nest). Link was from digg.
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March 23, 2006
More Minor Downtime Just a note that the advanced management card in the server will be replaced today around 3:30, please expect the server and all services to be down for not long, probably an hour at most.
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March 22, 2006
UFies Upgrade Complete A much better cutover this time than the last one to be sure, though it took about as long. Luckily this time most of the time taken was waiting for an rsync of /home and various database tables to complete, and not bashing my head against the desk and screaming "Why! Why!?" :)

There are still some things broken, mail (pop and imap) don't seem to be working, so I'll get those going ASAP. Also jabber will be down for a bit, but that's less of an urgent thing IMHO.

Updates soon....

Update #1 Hey, I like fixes that fast! Looke like the mail issue was just a process that wasn't being restarted when I thought I was restarting it.... Based on the logfiles though, you all already knew that :)

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March 21, 2006
New Server Tomorrow Just a reminder that tomorrow the new server will go in. Backup your stuff if needed and prepare that at some point during the day mail/web/etc will all go down.
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March 20, 2006
Battlefield 2142 Trailer Digg linked to a sweet looking trailer for Battlefield 2142. Pretty much the same formula as BF2 and BF 1942, and since BF2 is my current gaming addiction, I'm pretty happy to see this. It's only just been confirmed though, so it'll probably be a while.
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March 19, 2006
How Your Computer Works Finally revealed, exactly how your computer works. Thanks Robert!
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March 17, 2006
Amazing Lego Aircraft Carrier When I was a kid I loved lego.... actually, still do. I was really proud of a "huge" (to me at 12 years old) spaceship I made and a huge tower I made that made it all the way to the ceiling. Neither of those projects came close to this Aircraft carrier entirely made of Lego. Yowza!
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March 16, 2006
UFies Server update March 22nd The new server has been here with software installed and testing going on for a while and all looks very well. The plan is to swap the old server for the new noon(-ish) on wednesday, march 22, that's just under a week from now for those counting. This means that *all* services will be offline for several hours. Probably you want to count on the entire day to be safe.

It also means that if you have super valuable data you should know that I will be taking every precaution to ensure that everything remains safe. The old server will be either online or un-formatted for at least a few days or week to make sure that all data is over properly.

The important directories (/home, mail spool, databases, etc) will be mirrored when the system is disconnected from the net to ensure that no data is lost.

The new server is what I consider to be hardware porn, and Fred and the people over at are to thank for this.

  • dual hyperthreaded 3.4Ghz cpus
  • 6G ram
  • 5x72Gb SCSI drives in a RAID5
  • super special managment thingy to allow me to un-fubar things that would make the system unbootable
For the hardware geeks out there, you may drool :)

So again, 6 days from now the box will go down, then come back up faster and better.

Any questions or concerns feel free to email me.

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March 15, 2006
GNOME 2.14 Released The latest iteration of GNOME, GNOME 2.14 has been released to the wild. Lots of performance, beagle integrated with Nautilus, Deskbar (a la quicksilver for the Mac users out there), fast user switching, and a host of other stuff. Most of the interesting stuff is detailed here. Gentoo users start your compiling! (Or more realistically, whining for ebuilds :)
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200 TB of RAID 200 (yes, as in hundred) Terabytes (yes, with a "T") of Xserve (apple!) RAID (redundancy! I love it) at University of Wisconsin.

*brain explodes*

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24 Display Workstation Engaget links to a very impressive shot of Virginia Tech's 24 display workstation playing Quake (q3dm17 if you're interested). I think my neck would kill me after a few hours of using that system, but I know I sure as hell wouldn't turn it down if offered!
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March 07, 2006
Bittorrent Song I hadn't seen this before, but I have to say, the YThe Bittorrent Song is pretty funny. Waiting for a mashup of this in flash or something :)
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Hoth 2014 Well, since Vancouver has the 2010 winter olympics it looks like planet Hoth is making a bid for the 2014 games.

... As far as mascots go we are partial to an intestine-trailing Tauntaun named "Gutsy" or a one-armed Wampa dubbed "Lefty".

They have my vote!

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