August 31, 2006
Amazing Explanations for ESP Experiment

I'm constantly amazed at people who believe insanely crazy explanations when they don't understand something. I admit that when I first saw this "ESP" page ages ago, I was amazed as well. However, I wasn't spouting off about parallell universes or alien devices or the untamed power of the mind....

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August 30, 2006
This is Megatron

Saw this on reddit.... A comparison of the real Megatron to his version (based on the toy). I have been wondering how much hollywood would destroy my memory of my childhood enjoyment... First not using a VW for Bumblebee (I think that was it right?) and now this. When will the torture end!?!

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August 29, 2006
Rules for Canon DSLR Owners

An amusing view/rant in the DPReview forums on the different classes of EOS DSLR users.

30D users -
The correct attitude for owners of the 20D is one of reserved sympathy.

Probably more amuinsg for anyone whose wandered through the newbie filled forums on dpreview for any amount of time.

As a pentax user I have to look down my nose at everyone else of course....

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Evolution of Dance

Neat / funny video of the Evolution of Dance.

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BASH War On Terror

The War on Terror (tm)(c)(r) as seen from the BASH shell. Bwahahahaahaha!

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August 25, 2006
Pluto Worth 1000 Photoshop Contest

Some great entries from the Pluto Worth1000 photoshop contest.

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August 24, 2006
Gnome 2.16 Almost-Preview

After reading through this Gnome 2.16 Preview, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. Nothing in there made me excited to install this... it looks more like a bugfix release than any major feature release :( Course, this isn't the "official" preview that comes out a couple of weeks before a new GNOME is released, so we'll see, maybe it was just badly written (or maybe it is just that, not an exciting release).

Just found think KDE preview in the comments.... a very cool new K start menu is incoming sometime soon it appears. Still not a KDE fan, but that start menu is hawt!

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August 23, 2006
Think You're Tough?

Think you or your marathon running buddy are tough? Check out what's required of these monks in the article titled Tendai Marathon Monks: The Run of A Lifetime

The first 300 days are basic training, during which the monks run 40km per day for 100 consecutive days. In the fourth and fifth years they run 40km each day for 200 consecutive days. That's more or less a full marathon every day for more than six months.

That's amazing almost to the unbelievable.

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August 21, 2006
Learning from History - The Trojan Horse

Funny video on learning from history via the Trojan Horse. Amusing watch.

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Rubik's Cube Solved in 20 Seconds

I've linked to videos of people solving rubik's cubes fast before.... how about one where it's solved fast and one handed.

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Synchronized Swimming Fish

Now this is pretty cool and amazing..... some guy trained his goldfish to swim synchronized. Using hand signals (or hand motions more accurately), he gets 4 goldfish to swim around in unison. Very neat.

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August 20, 2006
Battlestar Galactica Tidbits

Some stuff from the Aug 14 Con entitled Battlestar Galactica: Not for the Faint of Heart with some tidbits of BSG Season 3 and Caprica (the new series).

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August 18, 2006
Funny Videos of People Hurting Themselves

Title pretty much says it all.

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XGL on a Touchscreen

I admit that I'm really an eyecandy eye candy and XGL fan under gnome.... I like this guy's setup with it up with a touchscreen. There's something really nifty about physically spinning your desktop around with the touch of a finger. Course, from everything I've read ergonomic-wise, touchscreens suck (or really build up the shoulder muscles). Still, visually very cool :)

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Lego New York

Wow, an amazing lego New York.

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The iTank

Saw this over from Digg.... the iTank... a cast aluminum case for your iPod. Not exactly elegant, but for people like my brother in law, who works on an excavator and is always having phones/mp3 players/etc broken due to the fact he's working on, well, an excavator, this is perfect.

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August 16, 2006
Silly User Stories

Greg posted an amusing little ditty entitled Our customers are dumb, part 9000000000.... it brought much amusement to my department :)

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Cactus or One Finger Salute

Amusing story about neighbors, and ones solution to bitching about view obstruction.

Yes, it's a slow news day :)

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August 15, 2006
Network Interruptions

Currently there is an issue with the upstream provider data-fortress, preventing access from some locations (ie: you probably can't get to this page to read this if you're in the lower mainland), and possibly affecting mail. I'm told they are 'investigating'.

Update: Should be all back up...

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August 11, 2006
Angry German Kid

Another phenomenon I was completely unaware of until just now.... Angry german kid. See also the Angry German Kid vs. Numa Numa Kid mashup. Fred, or anyone who knows german, any translation as to what the guy is ranting about?

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Spare a Monitor Mister?

This guy has way too many Apple 30" displays. Way too many.

I hate him!

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Crazy Animal Adoptions

Pigs and Tigers, dogs and ducks, kittens and crows.... will the madness ever end?!?!

My cats and bird don't get along as well as the kitten and crow on this page. Watching the kitten and crow "playing" is pretty trippy. Much other cuteness and "awwww" on the page as well.

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August 10, 2006
Another Office Prank

Passed on at work.... extra cardboard needed for this one.

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Free Google T-Shirt (With $20 Checkout Purchase)

Pretty simple, buy $20+ with google checkout and get a Google T-Shirt.

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August 09, 2006
What The Duck - A Comic for Photographers

Again probably the last to see this.... What The Duck, online comic strip about a photographer.

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OC Toilet Flushing Cat

This is hilarious..... an Obsessive complusive cat flushing the toilet. Mine just wait for me to flush it for them before they go and drink out of it.... wish I could teach them this trick (without the compulsiveness of flushing it over and over).

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RAW Processing in Linux

hub points to a good article on Processing RAW image files on Linux. Mostly interesting to the digital photographers among us.

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August 08, 2006
Star Trek Inspirational Posters

Some great Star Trek Inspirational Posters that I'll be printing up for the office when I get home :)

Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Ensign Ricky are beaming down to the planet. Guess who's not coming back.

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ET Interview and New Images

Nice interview with the ET: Quakewars guys, along with some new images.

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Starcraft - The Perfect SCV Rush

First of all, I'm not a starcraft player... I post this video of the "Perfect SCV Rush" for 3 simple reasons.

  1. The concentration of the players
  2. The branding and sponsorship on the players
  3. The insane excitement of the announcer (if only I knew what he was saying)

Oh, there's something about taking out an opponent using only working units or something... :)

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Levelling Up GNOME Style

Ever thought about how your bug hunting and reporting is a bit like an RPG? Davyd thought just that and created GNOME: the MMORPG. Looks kinda nifty...

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School For Scoundrels Trailer

Randomly clicking around and found the trailer for School For Scoundrels and man does it look funny. The trailer is funny anyway, we'll see about the movie :)

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August 07, 2006
Jet Powered Beetle Update

Remember the jet powered VW Bug that everyone said was a photoshop? Well my buddy Robert sent over an updated page on the Jet Beetle with more info, pictures, etc. Officially insane :)

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August 06, 2006
Funny Vid - Mom comes in on Strip Tease

I'm wondering how/why the video was put online, but hey, it's funny. Not Safe For Work by any means (teenage boobies), but still damn funny. Also a really good reason not to wear headphones while doing a striptease :)

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August 02, 2006
PHP5 Upgraded

Just FYI, php was upgraded to version 5 last night.... only causalty is the webmail which gives an error message when you send email.... however, the mail is still sent. I'll fix this tonight.

Update: Upgraded squirrelmail and it looks like that fixed things. Let me know anyone if you have issues.

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