October 30, 2007
PulseAudio (GNOME) Introduction

Kaisergemuese has a nice introduction and screencast about PulseAudio, a proposed new sound daemon for the GNOME desktop. A third of the way in it looks really cool, but only if you have multiple soundcards....

That said, I'm only 5 minutes into the 14 minute screencast :)

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Giving up Coffee and Caffeine

Bummed about your caffeine curve? Here's a good primer on how to give it up (coffee and / or caffeine that is).

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Timeshift Gameplay Footage

Found footage of TimeShift showing off some graphics, gameplay, and some of the uniqueness that this game adds to the standard FPS.

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October 29, 2007
Gap Got in Child Labor Guffaw

I haven't read more than the headline, but when you see that GAP was caught using child labor to make GAP kids clothing you have to chuckle, then look up "ironic" in the dictionary again.

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Want to Take Film Class in the Lower Mainland?

This is a quick plug for a friend of mine who is running a film course in Abbotsford. Check out Glass Planet FilmWorks for more details.

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The Hilarious Music of Jonathan Coulton

The JoCo Primer - Listening Suggestions is a great selection of music from Jonathan Coulton, whose work you'll be familiar with if you have a) finished Portal or b) are familiar with this troubador of John Hodgman (from the Daily Show and The PC Guy from the Apple ads).

Thanks Darren for pointing me out this guy existed.

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Ars Technica Leopard Review

As they generally do, Ars Technica has produce a fantastic Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard review.

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Photo on Wall Illusion

Foose Fooled is a short video on youtube of a prank pulled on Chip Foose of Overaulin'

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October 28, 2007
More Pure Awesomeness

As with the last awesome picture I posted, it's hard to describe just how awesome this is.

So, when did Luke, Vader and Chewie have a band?

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Computer-less Jailbreak for iPhone and iPod Touch

Very cool... no more needing a mac or PC to install custom apps on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Check out this Instant Jailbreak for iPhone and iPod touch which lets you do it all by visiting a webpage on your iPhone or Touch's Safari web browser.

It'll be very interesting to see what happens with the next firmware update...

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October 27, 2007
Leopard vs Vista

Engaget has the Leopard vs. Vista: feature chart showdown. Some interesting stuff in there, and some (of course) stuff that's subject to your own interpretation.

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October 26, 2007
Crysis Single Player Demo Released

OMG! OMG! Finally, a Crysis Single-player Demo Released. Look for fast download links in the comments... I'm pulling it down at 590KB/sec right now, so please wait until I'm done the rest of the 1.7G file :)

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October 25, 2007
GIMP 2.4 Overview

Now that GIMP 2.4 is out the GIMP 2.4 Release Notes have some nice demos and screenshots of the new functionality and features.

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October 24, 2007
Spore In Spring?

Well, I see that Spore is on Track for Spring Release. I guess I'll believe it when I see it, and if it does come out, that's good I guess, as there's lots of games to deal with and spring will be the time I'm ready and done with TF2, HL2*, ETQW and friends.

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iPhone Coming to Canada In January

Darren pointed me to an article proclaiming that a Molson beer contest confirms Apple iPhone coming to Canada in January. $800 though, that's a bit steep (assuming that's the the retail price). Are they going to be selling for $200 less in April though?

Still, good to know things are heading north. Big questions now are a) will the carrier be Rogers and b) will they come out with an unlimited data plan...

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"Oops" Pictures

The oops list is an amusing collection of "oops" pictures, comics, etc. Lots of aviation related stuff, and you know how bad it is when you combine "oops" with "huge chunk of flying steel".

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"Jumper" Movie Trailer

While you're waiting for the I am Legend trailers, check out Jumper Trailer - World Premiere found in the Digg comments. Looks very cool. Why haven't I heard about this yet?

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Two New 'I Am Legend' Trailers

There are Two New I Am Legend Movie Trailers out. Good luck getting to them as they appear to be dugg, slashdotted, or reddited or something now.

Update: Found some on YouTube.

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IMAP Coming to GMail

Yay, Gmail gets IMAP. Apparently it'll be rolling out in to everyone in the next few days.

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October 23, 2007
Zero Punctuation's Video Game Reviews

I think I posted about this guy's review of The Orange Box a bit ago, well, here's a list of all his reviews, of which all that I've watched so far, are hilarious.

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New KDE4 Shots

Found via digg is a KDE 4 Beta 3 - Screenshot Tour for those of the KDE persuasion.

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Gorgeous B&W Wildlife Photos

A selection of greate wildlife photos from Nick Brandt. I love the use of Black and White personally. Definitely inspiring work for anyone with access to African wildlife and photography :)

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October 22, 2007
iPod Death Clock

The iPod Death Clock displays how long your iPod (based on serial number and a few usage questions) will be in this world.

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Portal In Other Source Games

Thanks today (tonight) to Oneiros (again) for the last few tips and tricks getting Portal finished, probably the first game I've completed in single player since.... quake 2. Anyway he pointed me to Half-Life 2: Portal, a hack to allow you to use the portal gun in other Source based games (ie: HL2, HL2:Eposide 1,2, etc).

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October 19, 2007
ETQW Linux Client

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Linux Client Released. That about says it. Hopefully the performance under Linux will be as good as windows, but right now sadly my Linux box is a bit old for gaming :)

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The Mac OS/X Leopard Walkthrough

Stuff like this Mac OS X Leopard - Guided Tour show once again why Apple is the king of marketing. I watched the movie and even though I have never used any of the features they show, nor have ever wanted them, I so want a mac running Leopard right now. The goodness wasn't only in the demo, but also the slickness of the features. Timeline, ichat, stacks..... all soooo slick. Am I right or am I right about this?

Course, I want to be able to play more than 3 games, so sadly it'll doubtfully replace my windows gaming box. But a nice macbook pro? Hmm.....

TUAW also has some thoughts.

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Flock 1.0 Beta Review

Techcrunch reviews the Flock 1.0 Beta.

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Bionic Commando Trailer

Never heard of this game before, but check out the trailer for Bionic Commando. Wow, beautiful environments, cool looking grappling from destroyed building to destroyed building, and nifty physics for dispatching your enemies. All platforms as well, which is nice. Interesting to see more when it is closer to being released (no date yet).

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Wishlist for the Google Phone

Gizmodo has their Google Phone Wishlist and some great ideas about how google can integrate their various services into a cell phone.

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October 18, 2007
7TB Server for Auction

Anyone want to get me a really great birthday present? Or need a bit of spare hard drive space for music, movies, porn, or (if you must) real data? If so, check out the Apple Xserve RAID 7TB that's on sale on eBay. If you live in the UK mainland you even get free shipping.

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Hellgate London Demo Available

If you've got bandwidth and HD space for another game demo, check out Hellgate: London.

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Press the Spacebar Game

Press The Spacebar 2000, a flash game. So simple, and yet, so fun! (and potentially keyboard destroying :)

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KDE 4 Beta 3

Non-GNOMEers can check out the KDE 4.0 Beta 3 Release notes.

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Funny Cat Animation

Wake Up! - the essence of catness. Spoken as the owner of three of the little buggers, I can attest this has happened more than once :)

Thanks Darren!

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OS/X Leopard Gives Adrian More Wow Than Vista

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes says he admits that Leopard has more “Wow!” than Vista … in theory anyway and goes on to enumerate some of the bits (a nice summary by the way). One thing really stuck out for me though.:

Google Map Addresses
View a detailed map of any address in Address Book. Just hold down the Control key while clicking any address and select “Map of” and Safari will show you its location in Google Maps.
[Note that this is one of those re-tweaked features - I believe that this is already in OS X Address Book but uses MapQuest instead of Google Maps. But yeah, it’s cool. Why can’t Outlook Express/Windows Mail have this?]

Isn't this basically the feature in MS Office where it would parse out addresses / phone numbers and make them yellow and clickable to add them to your address book or something? And wasn't this the feature that when it was announced (2002 or 2003 probably) had people up in arms about invasion of privacy, Microsoft stealing our data, etc etc? Sure it's slightly different, hooking into maps, but still... a bit of hypocrisy mayhap (not on Adrian's part as much as the net in general giving Apple/Google a big pass and coming down harder on MS for some things).

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Ubuntu 7.10 Released

Ubuntu has released the Gutsy Gibbon into the wild, stories, torrent links, screenshots, and reviews are everywhere.

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Half Life 2 - Episode 2 - The GNOME Achievement

I thought it'd end up being a joke, but check out how this guy Played Through Episode Two Holding A Goddamn Gnome (note: some spoilers) to get the 'gnome achievement'. Absolutely hilarious, and skillful. Note that the gnome also has his own blog about the whole thing!

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October 17, 2007
Reasons to Learn Ruby

Found 10 Reasons to Learn Ruby, and even if Ruby isn't your can of beans, it's got some nice and simple introductions to some of the more powerful features of the language (which I've read a couple of books on but have yet to really dig into.

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Funny Orange Box Review

Being I just bought The Orange Box, I find the Zero Punctuation: The Orange Box review that Darren pointed me to.

Ha ha! "Force feedback codpiece".

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Apple to Provide iPhone SDK

Darren passed me on the best news I've heard all day.... the Apple Hot News that a third party SDK for the iPhone and iPod Touch will be available in February. Should be sooner, and it'll be interesting to see how they make it open to developers, without putting way too many hoops to jump through for developers. Putting some of the iPhone apps on the Touch would be great as well :)

Also while you're at it, availability in Canada and unlimited data plans would be great!

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Best of Maury Videos

Some of The Best of Maury Povich, including such classics as the pickle girl, 11 paternity tests, and so on.

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Worst Twist Endings

The 10 Most Asinine Movie Twist Endings, for all your quick-and-dirty list material.

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Apple Answers Leopard Questions

Apple Answers Leopard Questions and gives some interesting insight to what's going to be out in less than 10 days.

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October 16, 2007
See If You're a Hardcore Web Designer

Amusing little thing: 25 Reasons You Might Be A Hardcore Graphic/Web Designer. Of note for me is:

* You’ve kept a ragged concert ticket just so you could scan it.

I still have the concert tickets from when I got into the second row at a Garth Brooks concert back in the mid-90's (and got to hug Garth Brooks's Mom as well, but that's another story :)

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Enemy Territory Quake Wars Linux Demo

LinuxGames has the news on the Linux demo version of ETQW for my non-Microsoft shackled friends.

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Photo Interpretation

Interesting project... Brian Auer asked people to edit his photo. He got back 28 Ways To Interpret A Photo.

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Building Your Own Swords

You think you're passionite to your hobby? This guy makes his own swords.... from scratch. Scratch!. Like, from the ore scratch. Smelting it himself from scratch.

Now that's cool

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Girls, Alcohol, and Responsibility, an Explanation

I wish someone had explained things like this back when I was younger :)

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October 15, 2007
Dirty Tech Secrets

Found another nice little article with 10 dirty little secrets you should know about working in IT. Everything from the insanity of management to the pain of babysitting ancient, unmanageable servers years out of date and out of support but still running business critical services. :)

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What is Top Gun Really About

No idea where this is from, but this 2.5 minute video on What TOP GUN is really about by Quentin Tarantino is absolutely hilarious (and makes total sense :)

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October 14, 2007
Which Is the Faster Interpreter For Webapps?

Phil Hofsetter goes to some lengths to figure out mod_php, LightTPD, FastCGI - What's fastest?

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October 12, 2007
UT3 Demo Released

Ooooohh..... going to be an unproductive night now that the Unreal Tournament 3 Demo Download is available..

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Crysis Graphic Comparison

CryTek has released some screenshots of Detail Levels Compared. Gotta say the DX10 version looks very very nice... note the rocks in the left foreground in the different detail levels.

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Star Trek Casting Information

Star Trek casting details emerge. Scott Simon Pegg as Scotty (he's the skinny guy from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) and John Cho as Sulu (Harold, from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle).

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October 11, 2007
CoD 4 Demo Ready for Download

Speaking of upcoming games, there is a Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Demo Download over at fileshack.

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Portal - The Flash Version

Well, the real version of Portal is out, but those who want a bit of problem solving in the browser can play Portal: The Flash Version. Kinda fun, thanks to Darren for sucking away my work hours :)

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UT3 Preview

Shacknews has a Unreal Tournament 3 Preview. With this, Orange Box, ETQW, and Crysis either just out or coming out soon, it's a good season for gaming!

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iPod Touch Jailbreak

Jailbreak Guide for the iPod Touch over at TouchDev.net. Looks like it's still a bit convoluted and sounds like you still need a Mac to do it though. Hopefully it'll just get easier (or heaven forbid), get blessed by apple to allow access into the device without jumping through hoops.

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P2P-ers: Use a Blocklist

Nice article on ars technica saying how you should use a blocklist or you will be tracked... 100% of the time if you're on P2P networks.

# If you don't use a blocklist, you will be tracked. Every one of the researchers' test clients that did not use a blocklist soon connected to an IP address found within those lists. It turns out that 12 to 17 percent of all IP addresses on the network belonged to these blocklisted ranges.

I'd never advocate piracy or copyright infringement, but if you are one of those evil pirates, an interesting read which will make you shutdown your torrent client until you install a blocklist of some sort. The only ones I really know of are:

Anyone know of different/better ones they want to share?

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October 10, 2007
Learning to Love Software Testing

Found a "How I Learned to Love Testing" presentation via RailsEnvy. Interesting talk, rails focused, but easy enough to bring the philosophy to perl, java, .net, etc etc etc. It's a 30 minute .mov BTW.

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WetRiffs is Live!

Readers of XKCD will be happy to see that wetriffs is live.

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October 09, 2007
Gaming News: Crysis, CoD4, and F.E.A.R.

A triplet of gaming news from shacknews.

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Salary Doubler?

Interesting look at how to Double Your Salary* (*Without A Second Job) from Men's Health. It's not a get rich quick thing, just an interesting avenue to pursue for some extra money. I almost didn't post it except for this line:

He simply found capitalism's G-spot and started rubbing away.

Which is hilarious to me :)

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Rationalizing Piracy

Comic from Joy of Tech to help you rationalize your piracy.

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Where Are They Now, Websites of 2001

Cool look at where the best websites of 2001 are now: Internet Allstars ‘01: Where are they now? Interesting... most of the sites I didn't use, with the exception of a couple. I do miss the unadulterated music that was AudioGalaxy though, a lot of uhmm.... a friends mp3 collection was created with help from AG.

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Dilbert Is My Life

Dear Scott Adams, please get out of my head.

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October 08, 2007
Cool Right Vs. Left Brain Test

Found this through reddit.... the The Right Brain vs Left Brain. Displays an animation and depending if you see it moving one way or the other shows you are left or right brained. I was surprised, turns out that (at least according to this test) I'm right brained, which does not include things like logic and detail oriented (ie: coder qualities) but instead I fall into the "uses feeling, 'big picture' oriented, and fantasy based" category. Very.... odd. I'm interested to see how other people I know react to it, and if they fall into the category they think they do.

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October 07, 2007
Another Sighting

Oneiros pointed me a few days ago to what Scott Kurtz called a Brent Sighting. Nope, it's not Brent but your friendly neighborhood Arcterex, back in 2000. Glad to see this has popped up again :)

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X-Wing Rocket Flies!

Remember a while back there was some buzz about a big-ass X-Wing model rocket (where "big-ass" is like, 21' long). Anyway, it got launched and flying! Well... kinda. Check the video :)

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Futurama Movie Preview

Futurama: Bender's Big Score video preview found on reddit.

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October 06, 2007
Dirk Gently Serialized for BBC Radio

Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently Serialized on BBC Radio. Link in the story is for RM only (bleah) but there are links to more useful file types in the comments.

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October 04, 2007
Letter From Demonoid to the CRIA

Demonoid Aftermath: An Open Letter to the CRIA.

The record labels cry about downloading cutting into the profits of the sales of albums. They put out “greatest hits” albums by 20-year olds with 2 or 3 albums under their belts, released with one new track to try and sucker the fans that already have both albums into spending another $20 for one new song, or re-releasing a 3-month old album with a “previously unreleased bonus track”. Then they can’t understand why people aren’t buying them, and cry foul that people are downloading the one new song instead.

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Tips for Business Writing

Some great tips for business writing. #2 is my favorite, my biggest bitch to a buddy of mine who occasionally asks me for my opinion for written business material is he's too verbose and wordy. Maybe this will help convince him! :)

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More Pre-SP1 Vista Patches

Speaking of service packs, istartedsomething notes that Microsoft posts more Vista pre-SP1 ‘wonder patches’. These are performance updates that are going to be in VIsta SP1, but are being released early. This is most likely because some of the issues that Vista have are beyond aggravating for people (like the 'calculating time remaining' bug that was fixed with the last set of hotfixes that were released).

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Word on FS-X SP2

Jon Patch has The word on Acceleration and FSX SP2 for all you flight sim fans out there.

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20/20 Documentry on Education

Very interesting, and scary is "Stupid In America" - Full 20/20 Documentary. Basically it's flame bait to some, and no doubt lots will be screaming about it. However, taken at face value, it is not a bright look at a) schools in the US and b) teachers unions.

Interesting look anyway.

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Canada to Get iPhone In Two Weeks?

Darren passed on the rumor that Holt Renfrew Insider Says iPhone Coming to Canada in Two Weeks. Interesting to see, fingers crossed after I had a chance to check one out recently.

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October 03, 2007
Best Cat Door Ever

Just saw the best catdoor hacking project ever, where the catdoor won't open if the cat has a mouse in it's mouth.

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October 02, 2007
Britney Nickname

Perez is the best in celeb gossip, according to him. However, Britney’s New Nickname is hilarious. "Unfitney". Ha!

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Crysis Multiplayer Impressions

Dang, wish I knew how people got on Betas like that for Crysis! Check out the Crysis Multiplayer Beta Impressions over at shacknews. Sounds like fun, but way taxing on your hardware :)

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October 01, 2007
Photography Blog Roundup

Photoshop Insider has a nice roundup of blogs.

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Hype 2.0: eBay and Skype

Nice article on EBays Billion Lesson in the Value of Hype, talking about how they paid $3b (that's with a 'b' as in 'bbbbbbillion') for skype, and discovered, unsurprisingly, it wasn't worth quite that much.

It’s almost impossible to pay for a deal through “synergies.”

Doesn't stuff like that remind you of the first bubble, back in the day, when junior programmers were grabbed up for six figure salaries and people paid millions for companies with no product or revenue. Eazel and nautilus ring a bell to anyone? Ah well, some people never learn (course, others make $3b selling their company to another...).

Posted by Arcterex at 09:50 PM
When You Push the Operating System Limits....

Nice post by Raymond Chen about pushing operating system limits, in saying that if you're pushing the OS limits, nesting things 255 levels deep, or adding more than 65k objects on a form, you're probably needing a bit of redesign. Definitely a good point, though he does not that that is a big 'probably' as I'm sure there are cases where programmers are needlessly hindered by random OS limits.

Case in point, a story from back in the day.

When I first embarked into the IT world I was doing tech support for the Real Estate board, and eventually a bit of programming. This programming was done in a basic-type language whose name I don't remember, and it was used to do screen scraping and data manipulation from a dial up program (ie: call in, do a search, get the results, format them, output to a file for upload to a different system).

One day they wanted me to move from the text based language to a different system, again, similar but slightly different. Many times I really needed to compare code from one program and use it in another... a simple operation these days, and it's pretty common to compare two source files at a time. In this system, instead of a nice system where you could open the code in notepad (or edit at the time), it was:

  1. Binary format (no opening in edit)
  2. The editor couldn't open more than one source file at a time
  3. The program couldn't be open more than one time (to open multiple versions and therefor, multiple source files)
  4. IIRC there was something wonky with the cut and paste (no copying to a text file to compare later).

Honestly, it really felt like they were doing as much as possible to ensure that people didn't use the system for programming. As I recall, I didn't do much programming in that program/language.

Granted, that's not an OS limit, but a application limit :)

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An Aperture User Checks out Lightroom

An Aperture User Looks At Adobe Lightroom is an interesting look at Adobe Photoshop Lightroom from the point of view of an Apple Aperture user. I've never used Aperture (it's Mac only) and am quite a dedicated Lightroom user for my photo organizing need. Some of the points noted are fairly "getting used to" based. I'm personally used to some of the UI bitches he has, but everyone will have their own interpretation.

Noted deficiencies are ability to upload to flickr (meh) and lack of dual monitor support (agreed).

Definitely a good look and review though.

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New Pixar Wall-E Trailer

Whoohooo, found a New Wall-E Movie Trailer. Wall-E is the new movie from Pixar.

Posted by Arcterex at 07:26 PM
What if Master Chief Was a Hot Chick?

Simple question, sexy answer :)

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Post Sitcom Careers

Wow, lots of interesting stuff in The 7 Strangest Post-Sitcom Careers (where are they now). Via Digg.

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Ars Looks at MS Surface

Ars Technica: A day on the Surface: a hands-on look at Microsoft's new computing platform. Interesting...

Posted by Arcterex at 02:20 PM
Random Blogs == Faces?

Mutating Pictures is a project to see if random images are interpreted as faces. There is a 'hot or not' style rating system to allow the system to know how good or bad the results are.

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