November 30, 2007
Google Reader Updates

The Google Reader blog has notes on some improvements on my favorite RSS reader. Recommendations and drag-and-drop are the two big new features, one interesting, one useful. Looking forward to see how they are all working!

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Italian Spiderman

I present to you Italian Spiderman Trailer with no further comment.

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10 Reasons Johnny Cash Kicks Ass

Amusing.... 10 Reasons Why Johnny Cash Owns Chuck Norris.

1 - Only one man who has ever lived has been bad enough to be called “The Man In Black” and it wasn’t Chuck Norris

Hit the link for the rest.

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November 29, 2007
Movie Verbal Beatdowns

Eight Classic Cinematic Verbal Beatdowns.... fantastic clips to watch, especially if you're in a murderous rage :)

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KITT is a Mustang (Pics)

Exclusive First Pictures of KITT From The New Knight Rider TV Series... yup, it's a mustang!

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November 28, 2007
Shaking Cell Phones

Now this is just a super-cool use of technology. Cellphone's slosh and rattle reveal its contents is basically using shaking a cell phone of PDA with an accelerometer can produce sounds / images to indicate things like power level, number of emails, email senders, etc. Similar and different to the color based feedback that was proposed and partially implemented under the GNOME desktop (can't seem to find a link to anything specific about it right now, but it was proposing to use things like a green color in a download icon to represent good speed or orange or red for stalled downloads, stuff like that).

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Facebook Advertising

Scoble linked to Some Thoughts on the Facebook Beacon by Carnage4Life.

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November 27, 2007
Geeky Quickies

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Dark Knight Joker Image

More Dark Knight news as Empire Magazine reveals the Joker. Finally! Hope his performance is good, thanks Dave!

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More Dark Knight Stuff

Latest website found by JWZ is The Ha Ha Ha Times, a site by the joker it appears.

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Dues Ex 3 Trailer

Deus Ex 3 Trailer Released over at Fileshack. I'm not sure about this one.... Dues Ex was not bad, 2 was "meh" for me, and this one the trailer doesn't really have anything "meaty" in it. Very stylistic and what not though :)

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November 23, 2007
Tips for Contractors and Freelancers

Some good tips (all of which I'm sure I violated in my contract work) at the Freelance Blog. 10 Absolute "No's!" for Freelancers... something good to keep beside your phone for the next call that comes in :)

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November 22, 2007
Mac Buyers Guide

Mac Buyer's Guide: Know When to Buy Your Mac, iPod or iPhone, with info based on trends, how recently things were updated, etc.

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Lightroom 1.3 Export Plugins

Jeffrey has published some Lightroom export-to plugins for Flickr, Smugmug and Zenfolio.

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November 21, 2007
WOW Ads with Mr. T and William Shatner

New WoW Ads Recruit Mr. T and Shatner. Hilarious, thanks Darren.

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November 20, 2007
Ars Looks at Firefox 3.0b1

First look at Firefox 3.0b1 over at Ars.

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KDE RC1 Released to the World

KDE-ers, just a note that K KDE 4.0 Release Candidate 1 is ready for the world, please download, test, rinse and repeat.

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iPhone vs Plane Pilot

Amusing, what happens when an iPhone Equipped Passenger Takes On Flight Crew Over Weather. Turns out that your iPhone telling you it's sunny when you're delayed on the tarmac isn't the definitive answer that you're smarter than the pilot or air traffic controller :)

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November 19, 2007
Getting Around "Playable only on DomPlayer" AVI Files

I downloaded the latest episode of something today only to find it wasn't (apparently) playable without a spyware laden POS software. Luckily I found a blog with good info on a Domplayer 3Wplayer Fix that fixes this. Hopefully others who have been bitten by this will find this (or the linked blog) to get around it. Then send a nuke to the domplayer headquarters, okthanksbai.

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New High Quality Cloverfield Trailer

Darren pointed me to a proper quality The New Cloverfield Trailer. Whhohoo!

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November 18, 2007
Cloverfield Trailer (Kinda)

Even though it seems to be getting panned a bit, Don't Link This has the Only reason to see Beowulf.... yup, a new trailer for Cloverfield. I presume though this is going to show up on the Apple Trailers page fairly soon.

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November 16, 2007
Free Linux Journal Download

Download a Free Issue of Linux Journal. Thanks Tony. Only caveat is that you have to give them your email address (not that that's a huge deal IMHO).

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Intel's New Penryn Processor and Linux has a nice look at the Intel Core 2 "Penryn" and Linux including what projects will see improvements, and which won't.

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More Cloverfield Info

'J.J. Abrams' Cloverfield is Back has a new trailer coming soon. Link has some info.

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Firefox 3 UI On Linux

Ars has a nice first look at the Firefox 3 visual refresh for Linux. Very nice and clean and looks like it should integrate nicely into the look of the Linux desktop.

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November 15, 2007
Encouraging Users to Lock Their Computers

Coding horror reminds you: Don't Forget To Lock Your Computer.

A similar method to what we use at work, which is one of:

  1. Search for disgusting pictures on the internet
  2. Set as wallpaper
  3. Lock computer

Or sending emails to staff email lists confessing to "unnatural" urges, or taking a screenshot of the desktop, setting it as the wallpaper, and then hiding all the users icons :)

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November 14, 2007
GNOME Online Tour

Nice early look at Tour of GNOME Online Desktop from Havoc Pennington. Still pre-alpha, but an idea at least about where GNOME is wanting to go with the online desktop metaphor.

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Shacknews Crysis Review

Shacknews has a nice full Crysis Review. Benefits: Looks awesome. Downfall: huge system demands to make it look awesome :)

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November 13, 2007
BF2142 1.40 Patch Released

Finally! Battlefield 2142 Patch 1.40 Released. Under 400mb (gah... could be worse though) and includes what appear to be a lot of good fixes as well as a new map. Some details below, but hit the full story for download info and full fix/change/additions.


- Added a new map - Highway Tampa.
- Added an autosave to kit customisations. After you customise a kit and spawn in with that kit, the customisation will be automatically saved until you change it and spawn in again. Note that you must spawn in with a particular kit for it to be saved.
- Titans will now spawn up to two gunships per side
- Squad Leaders no longer have to resupply to re-equip destroyed drones

More in the link....

Dangit! I wanted to get to sleep early tonight! :)

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Build Your Own Mac Clone

Don't want to pay a boatload for an iMac or Powerbook? Lifehacker show how to Build a Hackintosh Mac for Under $800.

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Android (GPhone) SDK Videos

Darren pointed me to the Engaget early look at the Android SDK. I had originally ignored this story because I figured it was just saying that the SDK was available. However the screenshots and videos look very cool (and somewhat iPhone like for the full screen device). TIght integration with google apps of course, IM, Maps, etc. The second phone demoed looks very iPhone like, though it's a bit confusing if it's a touch screen or button controlled. The demo shows the user touching and moving pages and globes with a finger, but looking at the web browsing almost looks like it's done with button nav.

Course, it's all an SDK demo anyway..... :)

Looks very cool though!

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Sylar As Spock (Pics)

Couple of shots of Zachary Quinto as Spock. Zachary is best know (to me anyway) as Sylar from Heroes.

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November 12, 2007
Buffy on Maxim Cover

I'm not sure what Sarah Michelle Gellar did to deserve the title "Maxim's Woman of the year", but lets be honest, who really cares? Maxim + Buffy = Hawt!

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Smallest and Cutest Car Ever

Top Gear is a british show that I really love, and hardly ever watch. However, Cute Overload posted this clip of the smallest car ever which is hilarious. Not only is the car small, it's tiny. So small you can drive it to your work front door, then pull it into the office with you, up the elevator, and sit it beside your desk. Just watch it.

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iPhone/Touch 1.1.2 Jailbreak Released (jailbroke?)

If you're a lucky one with an iPhone or iPod Touch and want to upgrade to the 1.1.2 firmware but don't want to lose your custom apps and setup, conceited software has released a windows/linux solution as TUAW. I've as yet untested by myself on my Touch, so read the comments and research before you put your baby at risk. Apparently the big draw to the 1.1.2 release is a speed boost, but that looks like about it (unless you use non-english characters a lot).

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November 09, 2007

Ifurita's ETQW XP Guide tells you what does and doesn't give you XP (points / upgrades) in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

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New Assassin's Creed Trailer

New Assassin's Creed Trailer looks awesome. Wish it was coming out for PC :( Looks like it could make a great movie though... think "Hitman: Rome".

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Scottish Star Trek

Scottish star trek. Hilarious (and completely incomprehensible).

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November 08, 2007
Firefox 3 Beta Screenshot Tour

Lifehacker has a First Look at Firefox 3.0 beta.

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Ballmer on Google vs Microsoft

TechCrunch has some commentary on what Ballmer's comments about how Google is Only Ahead Of Microsoft In Search. Guess everyone will have their own spin (or reality distortion field :)

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November 07, 2007
Art of Photoshop

Some amazing photoshop work (check out the 'making of' slideshows) from Christophe Huet. Found via LaughingSquid.

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Now That's Acceleration!

Quick video from youtube of a Supra From Hell.... looks very benign and boring till the last few seconds..... those guys definitely didn't expect that :)

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Microsoft's Apps

The Vista blog announces that they have "the next generation in Windows Live apps & services". Basically a suite of software and webapps for online tools. I wouldn't call it "next generation" though, more like "catching up with google". Still, competition is always good. I got my address.... wish I knew how to change it to though :( Doesn't even seem to work even through a US proxy...

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Parkour In Vancouver

Parkour, The Art of Moving From Point A to Point B in Vancouver, BC.

Man I wish I was as fit as those guys! Maybe there's an overweight-computer-geek version I can try....

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Firefox 3.0 Beta1

Interesting... forgetfoo points to the first Firefox3 Beta. I'm adventourous so I'll install it and see how it is. I'm looking forward to see if the new "visual refresh" is in there.

Update: No visual refresh, basically first glance is that it's pretty much the same as firefox2. I'll wait until something more drastic happens.

Update: Not an official beta.

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November 06, 2007
The Mist Internet Trailer

My coworker PeeJay pointed me to The Mist Internet Trailer.... which I have to say, looks really good and I only hope that this movie stays as faithful to the book as Shackshank did.

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UT3 Media

Shacknews has an Unreal Tournament 3 Single-player Campaign Preview along with new screenshots and a nifty looking trailer.

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What Makes up a Linux File System

Anatomy of the Linux file system has some good in-depth nerdery of some filesystem internals.

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Discover magazine has their list of The 5 Best and Worst Science Based Movies of All Time.

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November 05, 2007
Winning At Monopoly

How to Win at Monopoly - some interesting tactics.

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Half Life in 60 Seconds

YouTube - HALF LIFE IN 60 SECONDS is pretty much exactly what the title says. Thanks Darren!

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November 03, 2007
Simple Halloween Costumes for 2008

Funny costumes for Halloween next year.... almost like a Home Zoo!

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Play Starfighter For Real!

Fight The Ko-Dan Armada — For Real! with instructions on how to get the resources to build your own cabinet.

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November 02, 2007
Portal Song in Almost-English

Sorry for the more Portal news, but JoCo posted a link to a video of Cute Virtual Idol Sings Portal Song.

Sorry for the lack of news..... been a couple of LONG days here at work.

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November 01, 2007
Skinny on Coulton and Portal

Jonathan Coulton comes clean about his involvement with Portal in Portal: The Skinny. Great story!

Also you should check out the song using gmod (where "the song" will ring a bell with anyone who has finished the game) which I've never heard of before, but is a fantastic performance :)

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