January 04, 2010
Rumored Tablet's Rumored Media Event Gets Rumored Date Change

I'm sorry, but this is getting ridiculous at this point.... so the rumored Apple tablet/reader/slate has a rumored media event who is now rumored to have it's rumored date changed to Wednesday, Jan. 27. Take that for what it's worth. Seriously, I'm excited about new Apple products as much as the next guy, but the amount of photoshopped tablets, rumored specs, fake video, and naval gazing from the Apple fanboys ever since the iPhone has got to be a record of some sort. For something that there is zero released information about it's got events, date changes, specs, and changing uses and form factors.

This is why Apple stock always takes a dive after a product release, people work themselves into such a lather about what could be happening and what they hope will happen that even if Apple upgrades an entire product line and introduces new products with new capabilities they still are disappointed after. If there is a tablet released there's no way it'll live up to the expectations and everyone will a) buy one and b) moan and whine about how it doesn't have a front facing camera, display full PDFs in color, or link directly into their mind (like the combined information about the increased shipments of chips from [random company in random country] and new plugs being developed by [other random company] obviously pointed to in the leaked PDF on a Taiwanese media board before it was taken down for no reason but we know it was by Apple lawyers of course).

And we of course will still continue to hang on every word :)

Posted by Arcterex at January 04, 2010 01:27 PM