February 28, 2010
The Future Of Nautilus

Great look at what some people's ideas of The Future Of Nautilus. A nice look at some of the horrible UI that's in the current version, and some very sexy mockups of what it could look like. Fingers crossed for something like this in Lucid.

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February 26, 2010
Google Adds Awesome User Photo View To Maps

Google maps just rolled out a way to Navigate your way through user photos in Street View. It's similar in a way to the Bing feature where you can view PhotoSynths, but done in (IMHO) a way more simple and Google-y way. I encourage you to watch the video, and then go play around. I love the "click and move the mouse to zoom" feature that blends from one image to another.

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How 'Star Trek' Should Have Ended

Really great How 'Star Trek' Should Have Ended video.

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Epic God Of War 3 Trailer

Great one over on Gametrailers TV. Wowza.

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Nexus One from an iPhone Developer's Perspective

Interesting take on the Nexus One from an iPhone Developer's Perspective.

In this posting, I'll talk about the device from my perspective as a user. My thoughts on the Android SDK as a developer will come in a future installment, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.
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GNOME 3.0 HackFest's "Task Popper"

Mike passed on this Ars Technica article on how the "Task Pooper" could revolutionize GNOME desktop and it's out the box thinking.

The GNOME community's design and usability experts gathered for a week-long hackfest hosted by Canonical in the UK to shape the next major iteration of the GNOME desktop environment. GNOME 3, which is tentatively scheduled for release in September, will introduce new user interface paradigms and include an upgraded desktop shell environment.
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February 25, 2010
Quake 3 For Android

Slashdot story about a user who ported Quake3 to Android in a couple of weeks. Awesome. Hey google, I really do need one of those Nexus 1 phones to evaluate these things you know? Come on, there's got to be at least one googler that reads this...

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Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 3 What's new?

OMG Ubuntu has a nice look at the latest Ubuntu Alpha and What's new in Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 3.

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Tom Brokaw Explains Canada to Americans

Cool video of Tom Brokaw Explaining Canada to Americans. Apparently Canada kicks ass!

Hopefully we can have that "uncharacteristic act of patriotism" today as our Women go up against the US Women's team in the gold medal hockey game and kick their asses :)

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Darren Barefoot on Cool Tim Hortons Ad

Darren Barefoot has some interesting thoughts on Tim Hortons and the Immigrant Experience in regards to the following ad that's been airing here lately.

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Gamers & Their Online Selves

Cool collection of images of Gamers & Their Online Selves. Interesting to see how some people go for look-alike avatars, some go for "I want to look at a hot girl's butt while I play" and some go for the opposite of themselves. Interesting look anyway.

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The Who's Baba O'Reily, Played on Think Geek Items

WWDN put up this great video of The Who's Baba O'Reily, played using only items from Think Geek. So maybe it's no Kirsten Dunst, but I find this one even more awesome :)

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I Think I'm Turning Japanese - Kirsten Dunst

For the men out there... Kirsten Dunst doing I Think I'm Turning Japanese and bringing the hawt (IMHO).

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Apple Sells 10 B-B-B-Billionth Song

Apparently yesterday Apple sold it's 10 billionth iTunes download.

As speculated earlier today, Apple did in fact manage to sell their 10 billionth iTunes download. This represents a huge milestone for both Apple and the music industry. Apple has revolutionized the music industry with the iPod and iTunes.

Yea, I'm thinking maybe this digital music thing might take off after all...

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February 24, 2010
31 Really Bad Masturbation Techniques

Found via reddit is a list of 31 Really Bad Ideas if you're all alone and feeling amorous....

They slammed together and the magnetic force was so tremendous I couldn't remove them without tools. I took two pairs of pliers and pulled like hell.

SFW in that it's text only.

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The Karate Kid Movie Trailer #2

So it's a remake of a classic movie from the 80's, with Jackie Chan, and it's all about Kung Fu (mentioned several times in the trailer), but it's still called The Karate Kid. And this is the second trailer. I'll see it, but I'm going to hate myself for it.

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The Gods Of Modernity

Penny Arcade has a great write up on The Gods Of Modernity and the story of a noobs battles with Infinity Ward.

He's an utterly unrepentant hacker, yet he wonders what strange force keps gets his boxes banned. It would be like if I'd made a reputation for myself entering local cafes, slipping into the back to shit directly on their hot grills. And then, when I came back the next day, they told me to leave - even if I hadn't managed to shit on anything during that particular visit! Come to terms with the idea that there is a point beyond which you are not worth the price of your subscription.

Today's comic is fitting as well.

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Inbox2 Desktop

From Ayrk - Inbox2 Desktop Combines and Task-ifies Your Email and Social Networks. Looks very interesting.

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February 23, 2010
Anti-Procrastination Article

If You Want to Be Fit, Don't Buy New Running Shoes by Scott H Young (via @johnkoetsier is a nice look at how to get stuff done without being bogged down in the details (and therefor not getting things done).

When you get caught up in minutia, the really important stuff gets left undone. Often simply because in buying the low-carb salad dressing, you give yourself a mental checkmark in the "healthy eating" column and proceed to violate the truly important issues.
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Very Cool Flash / Music Mashup

Labuat, passed on from a buddy of mine on IRC is a nifty mashup of music and art, essentially an interactive song. Or something. Hard to describe, just hit play :)

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Lower Merion School District Scandal Parody Shirt

They say that no scandel is complete until someone makes a T-Shirt out of it (well, they might say that), and the "school spying on kids with school issued laptops" is no exception.

Thanks to Aryk for sending me this.

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80 Awe-Inspiring Photographs Taken With a "Nifty Fifty"

Little bit of photographic inspiration if you're stuck with just a 50mm lens and want to see what you can do with it.

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February 22, 2010
15 Things You Should Know About Breasts

From The Best Article Every day comes 15 Things You Should Know About Breasts, presented without comment or crude remarks.

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RVMRC Files With The Ruby Version Manager

@wayneeseguin has put out a nice set of docs on how to use the rvmrc file with his excellent Ruby Version Manager.

For those who don't know, RVM is a nice and simple way to test out different versions of Ruby and gems with them for testing, playing with the new Rails 3.0 beta, testing your sites against different scenarios, testing beta versions, etc.

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The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Photo Group Pool

Got an olympic shot from the Vancouver 2010 games? Submit it onto the Flickr The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Photo Group Pool.

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IE6 Funeral

Darren shared out the Announcement of the IE6 Funeral. I say rest in peace and good riddance. Now if we can only do something about IE7 and 8...

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Google Earth now available for Android

Not much more to say than that. Now wonder when Google will send me a Nexus one to evaluate and review it on... :)

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YouTube - The making of Old Spice's commercial: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Very cool video from Leo Laporte about The making of Old Spice's commercial: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. Very neat to watch.

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Email Phishing Flow Chart

Lifehacker has a nice Phishing Flow Chart that none of the people reading this (all 3 of you) will need, but might be something to pass on to your parents or relatives.

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Mundane Magic

It's a bit of a slow morning for me, so here's a great article called Mundane Magic shared by an ex-coworker. Great story that makes you think a bit (maybe, depends on how much coffee you have in you I guess).

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February 20, 2010
Movie Ratings Explained

Ha! Thanks Aryk! Laugh IT Out: Movie Ratings.

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February 19, 2010
What you get when you buy a £25 iPhone

What you get when you buy a £25 iPhone down the pub reveals something else I've suspected.... that it's probably not a real iPhone :) Love the bit about it feeling like something out of an alternate history timeline...!

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Women Secretly Desire Hairy Geeks

An article on slashdot confirms something I've long suspected!

From the article: 'Most women claim to be attracted to tall, dark and handsome men, but a new study has revealed that facial stubble and a geeky personality are their biggest secret turn-ons.
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New Doctor Who Trailer Tomorrow

Doctor Who in 3D For A Short Time Only:

Here's one good reason to see Alice In Wonderland in UK cinemas: Screenings will be accompanied by the new Doctor Who trailer (premiering tomorrow on British television) in glorious 3D.

Not sure if I agree with the 3D thing, but can't wait for anything new to do with Doctor Who.

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Vancouver 2010 On The Big Picture

Wow, Vancouver 2010 looks awesome over at Boston.com's "The Big Picture" photo set. I love the Norwegian curling team's pants (image #10).

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Rails 3 Beautiful Code Slides

Gregg Pollack has a nice set of presentation slides of his talk Rails 3 Beautiful Code, showing some of the new hotness of Ruby on Rails 3.0.

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Bioshock 2 Costume

A full video of what's needed to get into an awesome Bioshock 2 Costume. Holy crap. That is all.

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Mr. Pixel and Mrs. Grain [Funny Photography Video]

Pretty funny series of videos of Mr. Pixel and Mrs. Grain, a couple in counseling. If you're not into photography, you can probably skip this one.

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'Kick-Ass' Red Band Trailer #2

Awesome, the 'Kick-Ass' Red Band Trailer #2 is out. New footage, definitely NSFW, man I can't wait for this movie!

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February 18, 2010
5 New Rules of Productivity

Interesting look at some new(ish) thinking about productivity, with The top 5 new rules of productivity. Sometimes I wish the people around me grokked this stuff....

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World Record Kick to the Groin

Male readers encouraged to not watch the following Sports Science: "World Record Kick to the Groin" video.

Seriously, just don't watch it.

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RailsConf 2010 Open

Ruby on Rails folks will probably be interested that RailsConf 2010 is now open for registration, and they have their list of speakers and sessions up.

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Civilization V Announced

Seems that Firaxis has announced Civilization V.

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The One Who Got Away

Fascinating and beautiful collection of photos of The One Who Got Away.

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Tom Mabe Cell Phone Prank

Pretty funny cell phone prank to pull.

If the name Tom Mabe sounds familiar to you, that's probably from his Telemarketer abuse clips from Back In The Day.

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February 17, 2010
A Good Lightroom Vs Aperture 3 Discussion

If you're a photo geek, you probably have heard of, and most likely use, either Aperture or Lightroom. You've also probably heard that Apple released Aperture 3.0 recently. Lightroom killer tips has taken a stab at starting some good discussion with 5 Reasons To Stay with Lightroom (and not switch to Aperture). The author is biased (duh) and is responding to this article on switching the other way (Lightroom 2 to Aperture 3). From the LR Killer Tips article:

Obviously there's been a lot of buzz around lately about Apple's Aperture 3. I read an article yesterday titled "Five Reasons For Switching from Lightroom 2 to Aperture 3" by a gentleman named Marco. So I figured I'd take a stab at my own rendition of the "5 things" article (no offense to Marco) and write about 5 reasons to stay with Lightroom.

Personally I think it's not a cut and dry thing. Both programs have their good sides and downsides, and quite frankly, I'd love some features from AP3 in LR and vice versa. In reality though, use what works best for you (as always), but don't go flip flopping every time there's a new software release, cause (most likely) your time and effort is worth way more than that :)

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StarCraft 2 Beta Has Begun

Someone at work pointed me to this Post:

Hell, it's about time... to start playing some StarCraft II! Blizzard has announced that the closed beta test for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is officially a go, with invitations going out to "thousands of gamers." Yeah, check your e-mail!

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The Big Bang Theory T-Shirt Database

SheldonShirts.com - now you too can dress in the same shirts as your favorite TV geeks.

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Hasbro Releasing 24" AT-AT Toy This Fall

Warning, any male geek who was born in the 1970-1985 (or so) date range clicking on the link to the 24" AT-AT Toy may experience the uncanny urge to yell out "WANT!" and then immediately call over their friends to see it and gush.

BTW, my birthday's coming up in another 9 months or so..... just sayin'.

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Modern CPU Comparisions

The Tech report does a great test of tons of CPUs, from a lowly P4 to i3 to i7, with prices ranging from $87 to $999. Lots of tests. Extensive tests. Lots of them. :) I started reading here.

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Ubisoft's New PC DRM Really Draconian

Reading this article on how Ubisoft's New PC DRM Really Requires Net Access, and Ends Game If Disconnected it reminds me again why piracy is so rampant in the PC gaming world. Would you put up with this from your game? Hell no. Sadly, PC gamers are seeming to be moving towards console gaming (if for nothing but because the "good" games are only available on consoles due to piracy on the PC platform) so they are used to a closed system.

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Using FourSquare And Twitter == Bad

Please Rob Me is a prime example of why you shouldn't tell foursquare to tweet out that you're somewhere other than your house :)

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Running Windows Desktop Search 3 (and 2) Queries From Launchy

Nice little tutorial for windows users out there who want to Run Windows Desktop Search 3 (and 2) Queries From Launchy (Launchy being the excellent keystroke launcher. Note: You'll need windows desktop search installed before it will work properly (oops) :)

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Authors@Google: Trey Ratcliff

The most awesome Trey Ratcliff (@stuckincustoms), famous for his HDR photographs and tutorial, did a talk for the Authors@Google series, embedded below.

The full talk is almost an hour long, and while I have yet to watch it yet (silly work disturbing my video watching), I look forward to seeing it.

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Video of Opera Mini for the iPhone

Here's a quick look at Opera Mini for the iPhone.

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February 16, 2010
Windows Mobile 7 So Good Even the Apple Blogs Giving it Props?

If The Apple Blog is giving Windows Mobile 7 it's due, then this must be something to pay attention to.

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Adobe Creative Suite 5 Details Revealed

The Apple Blog has some details on Adobe Creative Suite 5. A couple of goodies:

  • Rewritten from the ground up using the native Mac APIs and in 64bit
  • Nicer/better/awesomer flash development, including the ability to compile a flash app into an iPhone app that's acceptable by the iTunes App store

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Clients From Hell - Great Story

Aryk just pointed me to the Clients From Hell Tumblog.... this story - Client: "[Indian outsourcer] says he can do this... gave me a big "OMG" deep down in the chest. Wow. Just.... wow.

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The Purple Helmets - Stunt Riding

I really don't know what to make of this video of The Purple Helmets. They are either brilliant or crazy. Or both.

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Why Rails Feels like a Developers Only Playground [and Response]

My buddy Curtis wrote a good article on Why Rails Feels like a Developers Only Playground.

Yeah the guys I work with at the Fv.rb are joking, but otherwise it seems to be a mentality that goes through dev's heads. They can't design but don't want to take the bit of extra time to help someone get up to speed. Most designers are more than smart enough, and many are willing, to learn some new technologies if someone is willing to give them a helping hand.

Read on for my responses...

I don't think that devs aren't willing to help someone learn, in fact, I think that the Rails (and indeed, programmers in general) are more than happy to help out.

However developers know how developers think, and helping out someone who knows how to program (sorry, but HTML and CSS isn't "programming") is a lot different than helping a non-developer. Speaking as someone who tried to help their drama major ex-girlfriend (not major drama ex-girlfriend, that came later) through a simple while loop to increment a variable, I can attest to you 100% that different people's brains work differently, and that creative people and programmer-type people sometimes have a huge chasm of grokking between them.

Rails doesn't feel like a designers playground because it's a web programming framework, designed by developers for developers, and if you ignore some of the cool CSS and HTML frameworks built in and around it, there's really not much there for designers doing designer work in rails. Maybe I'm just daft, but other than pointing to the directories where various templates are stored, and showing someone what loops look like and what to style, I'm not sure that rails has anything over any other framework design wise. IE: none.

Now designing a site is a completely different matter. You want a good, knows their shit designer like Curtis involved in your project from the start, and maybe that's what the rails community is missing, someone to help shape their programmatic designs based on good web design. This involves site setup, layout, page headers and meta-data, etc, but, IMHO, doesn't infringe much into the "programming" world.

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February 15, 2010
Largest Lightsaber Fight EVER

Slashfilm has info and video of the Largest Lightsaber Fight EVER at a british FlashMob. Looks epicly awesome, I'd love to be there to see the expressions on the "normal" patrons faces when all of a sudden lightsabers appeared all around them!

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Guitar Kitteh

Thanks to Len for passing me on the Guitar Kitteh video. Looks like a perfectly logical use of a guitar for a cat to me. Might even be less annoying than my cats using my fingers while typing to scritch themselves on.

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Adobe Shows AIR for Mobile

Another bit of mobile news is that Adobe introed Flash 10.1, AIR for mobile. Not for the iPhone of course, but coming to Android sometime this year. More info over at the Adobe Developer Connection.

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Microsoft Steve Ballmer launches WinMob 7

Seems that Microsoft is making a play to make their smartphone OS a bit less of a joke, and catch up to where the iPhone and Android are. They launched Windows Mobile 7, which has what looks like a Zune-like interface, a concentration on social media (status updates, XBox Live integration) and some fairly cool looking UI ideas. The link is maybe not the best place to get information (it's a Mac blog) but that's the first one I saw the story on, and it has the "press video" and a clip of Steve Ballmer on stage (sorry, but he's got about the stage presence of a turnip).

Other bits of info on this can be found at Paul Thurrott's WinSupersite.com or of course google news.

Will it do it? Can it do anything? Who knows. Some of the UI (from the glossy press video anyway) looks pretty cool, but as the iPhone and iPod has shown, having a "better" product with more features doesn't mean you will take over. There have been far "better" (in terms of features anyway) mp3 players and smartphones that have gone nowhere. Will WinMob7 be one of these? Who knows. They have a couple of things going for them, the Zune-like UI ditches (at least on the surface) the old stylus driven "hey it's Windows 95 on a phone!" interface (at least I assume there's no stylus anymore), and that the last 3 years of "next gen" smartphones have been a good benchmark of what works and what doesn't.

Will the business world want a phone that gives you XBox Live and Facebook (oh, and Windows Live, for the 3 people who update their statuses through there) integration? Will the business apps available be good and "corprorate-y" enough? Or will people choose to go the iPhone/Android direction instead?

That they have some of this social media built in vs the nothing that we got with the "naked" iPhone is good, it'd have been awesome for the iPhone to have a built in Twitter/FB client, not so much for the fact they'd be there from the start, but because then they'd be given some Apple-Love and maybe come with background processing and push notification from the start.

The one thing that the iPhone has shown is that the attention to detail and UI do make the experience that much better. I hope that WinMob7 will be as good in this department, and that their improvements are more than the skin-deep changes that we saw in WinMob6.5. Hey, as much of a fanboy as I am, competition is always good :)

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WooNav to be Integrated into Wordpress 3.0

I honestly don't know what "WooNav" is just yet, but apparently it is cool enough to be Integrated in WordPress 3.0, along with (I hear) the multi-user fork of WP.

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February 13, 2010
UserFriendly Archives Updated

The Daily Static News has a quick update:

Something I have been planning for a long time, and slacking off on as well. So anyway, we have a (mostly) updated Gallery with easy to use indexes. Also being added are various pieces of UFie interest like the long forgotten UFie wars, and IFAD winners. More as updated.

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YouTube - ROCK SUGAR-Don't Stop The Sandman

I wasn't expecting that much from Don't Stop The Sandman when the link was first passed over to me from West Coast Geek, but I have to say I was both impressed and blown away.

It's a mashup of Metallica and Journey. Just give it time till the vocals come in. I have to say, I'd get this.

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Lego Augmented Reality

This video of Lego Augmented Reality makes me want to visit this store in IL.

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February 12, 2010
Woman's Last Stand Superbowl Ad ReMix

I never saw the original ad called "Man's Last Stand" from the superbowl ad, but after seeing it, I thought it was great. It has however now been remixed into woman's last stand where the women hit back a bit against the guys.

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Pattie Maes Demos The Sixth Sense

Cool TED talk on the Sixth Sense, involving a webcam, finger markers, and a mini-projector that allows all sorts of great metadata/real world/gargoyle type data access.

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Winter Olympics in 3D

Google pointed to Winter Olympics in 3D, which uses google earth and some gorgeous 3D models to showcase my city.

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Google Maps Gets Labs

Google Maps now has a 'labs' link at the top that gives you a peek into some of the next gen features that may or may not be making an appearance. Nothing mind blowing, but nice little incremental features you can turn on and off.

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10 Facts you Didn't Know about Living in Outer Space

Cool post on Oddee with 10 Facts you Didn't Know about Living in Outer Space. #6 was the most surprising to me.

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February 11, 2010
Great Email Convo

"S" sent me over a link to this A Sane Response . . . story from emails from crazy people. Well worth the read.

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In Photography, Rules Aren't Laws

Nice article on how In photography, rules aren't laws. Some great advice and inspiration in there for people who are exploring the world of photography.

Posted by Arcterex at 03:52 PM
A "No Retouch" Photo Gallery

Interesting article on an artist's decision to not retouch images of super models he took for a gallery show.

Posted by Arcterex at 01:21 PM
Live Action Star Wars TV Show?

Aryk pointed me to a slashdot article on the Star Wars TV Show forthcoming at some point.

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February 10, 2010
Latest Airbender Trailer Reveals New Stuff

Aryk pointed me to the Latest Airbender Trailer which I hear looks awesome.

Posted by Arcterex at 02:32 PM
Reddit Clones In Various Languages

OK, this is just awesome. Check out a few Reddit.com clones written in a variety of languages. Also note the comment to code ratio in the Perl example! ;)

Posted by Arcterex at 11:34 AM
Opera Mini for iPhone

Seems that Opera has created Opera Mini for iPhone.

[...] plans to reveal Opera Mini for iPhone in an exclusive press and partner preview during the 2010 Mobile World Congress [...]

While Opera Mini for iPhone is not publicly available, visitors without a press pass will not leave Opera's stand disappointed. Opera will unveil a host of other Opera-powered devices at its exhibit.

Sadly I'm not going to be anywhere near MWC, but it'll be interesting to see a few things:

  • Will it be better than the built in safari
  • Will Applet let it on the iPhone (if Opera has gotten this far you'd think they have some sort of agreement
  • Will it be good enough to bother? Safari gives you desktop-like rendering as it's claim to fame, Opera is known for fast compression and re-flowing web pages so they look good on smaller devices.
  • Are you going to either switch between browsers or dump safari completely in favor of Opera Mini?

Opera, please send me a copy of Opera Mini so I can answer these questions ;)

Posted by Arcterex at 08:15 AM
February 09, 2010
Gnome-Shell (GNOME 3.0) Preview

Sounds like the New Features In Gnome-Shell are going to be pretty damn awesome.

Posted by Arcterex at 10:14 PM
SD Card Reader For iPhone

TUAW points to an SD card reader for the iPhone that may be a boom for photographers. I had a USB photo adapter for the original iPod, which was great to have 60G of backup space for images, and while the iPhone even with 32G of space in it isn't going to maintain a "real" photographer for an intensive shoot, but an amateur or enthusiast to back up their RAW and JPGs for a weekend trip so you don't have to lug a laptop around? Looks good. Not bad for $50 at least.

Posted by Arcterex at 01:32 PM
Google Buzz Explained

Lifehacker has Google Buzz Explained in a great screenshot tour.

My review so far (mobile client only) is it's kinda wave-like, very pretty, but a bit clunky feeling (response time) and missing some key features from the video (ie: how do I take a picture and share it from my phone?).

Posted by Arcterex at 01:06 PM
Google Event - Google Buzz Released

Buzz is live.

The live stream from the Google Event is now live. A bit stuttery for me, but live. I'll update as product / information is released. Sounds like they have new product(s) to announce. The rumors are something social-network oriented (facebook killer?).

Unfortunately my network connection here sucks so the stream is really choppy for me, but I just heard them talk about Gmail "Buzz", a new way to communicate inside GMail.

  • Builds on existing social network (ie: people in gmail that you chat and mail)
  • Sharing stuff similar to google reader it looks like.
  • Has google finally figured out what to do with their Wave stuff?
  • Fast and slick photo and video sharing/viewing experience.
  • When you share links Buzz will automatically fetch headlines, metadata, pictures, etc.
  • Public/private sharing.
  • Gmail based at-replies (@).
  • Friends-of-friends data goes into the stream using googley learning recommendations.

Another product demo up now, something to do with location. Hit the read more for the (updating) details.

Location aware updates for google maps and the google mobile experience. Related to Buzz as well.

  • Post from your mobile phone to Buzz.
  • buzz.google.com on your iphone/android (but not active yet).
  • Can see "interesting buzz" based on location as well as your own feed. IE: related to a concert you're at, restaurant, event, etc.
  • New "layer" in google maps that is called "buzz", to show you buzz based on locations on the map (wow, they're really throwing themselves into this new app).

On a side note, isn't there already a "buzz" webapp from Yahoo or something like that? I'm sure I've seen a "buzz up" button along with the standard digg/reddit ones.

They are launching it today, but it sounds like it's not done or completely baked.

Seems they are on to the Q&A now, and my net connection is complete crap so I'll stop updating now, I'm sure there'll be all sorts of Buzz (sorry) about this on the blogs soon enough :)

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Aerial Photo Panorama of the Olympic Village, Vancouver

Very sweet Aerial Photo Panorama of my town of Vancouver, centered on the Olympic Village.

Here are two other panoramas from Squamish, BC:

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First Large Format Skydiving Photographs

Very cool for the photo geeks out there: First Large Format Skydiving Photographs.

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Navigon Shows off Mobile Navigator 1.5

Navigon has updated their Flickr Photostream with some shots of the upcoming 1.5 release. New features appear to be a connection to twitter and facebook (meh), a cool looking 3D terrain view (in app purchase sadly), and a "my routes" feature. Additionally you can now zoom in the 3D birds eye view, there's a new "SOS" feature that shows you a bunch of information about where you are and what's close (sorry, that was in 1.4 it looks like). Of all the features the 3D terrain looks sexiest, but hard to say if I'll get it as it's more $$ and lets face it, I'm a cheap bastard.

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Apple Releases Aperture 3

So looking through the What's new in Aperture 3 page, it looks like some people's dreams will come true, with "Faces" and "Places" from iPhoto appearing, brushes for retouching (echoing the local adjustment brushes from Lightroom), presets (they didn't have those before?), and what looks like a gorgeous full scren browser for browsing and viewing. Rounding out the major features is new slideshows with advanced affects, ability to combine video and audio with your photos, etc (sounds like they mixed in some Final Cut/iMovie in there as well).

All I can say is I kinda wish I a) wasn't already invested in Lightroom (come on Adobe, bring us Lightroom 3!!!) and that my main and most powerful computer wasn't a windows machine.

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February 08, 2010
Reddit ProTips

Know when that snarky bastard says "protip, just [something something]"? Check out the list of reddit supplied protips at the What is your best PROTIP? discussion.

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Google and "Social"

Scoble has a good post on The social failings of Google. Rumors are that they'll release something new and amazing in the "social space" tomorrow (Tuesday). Guess we'll see what they have up their sleeves, and if whatever it is (gmail + wave + google reader?) is going to threaten the Facebook / MySpace world.

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We Love XKCD

Super cool video featuring a ton of internet personalities passed over by @halkeye. Check out we love XKCD.

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The Official Wife Crying at Movies Site

I just found Crying Wife.com via SmodCast. It's basically a guy who video tapes his wife who cries easily, after watching movies. Before you flame the guy for being an insensitive prick though, read his FAQ and then flame him :)

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Japanese Star Wars Tuna Ad

Dear Internet. I have no words to explain this: Japanese Star Wars Tuna Ad.

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February 05, 2010
De-OMG-ifying Rails

Via @coderpath and @srbaker comes this git commit log for the Rails 3.0 code to "deOMGify" the code. Great read and great comments.

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iPad UI Conventions

Put together in a iPad UI Conventions set on flickr. Via Daring Fireball.

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The Worst Superhero Movies Of All Time

IO9 has collected The Worst Superhero Movies Of All Time so you don't have to. Some real stinkers in there...

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The Thickness of Napkins

Contrast The Blog has a nice little look at The thickness of napkins and compares it to computer software and hardware.

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Fax Machine Timeline

I present to you, without much comment, the Fax Machine Timeline over at Doghouse. Well, maybe "ha!" is the only comment....

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February 04, 2010
Amazing Aliens Rap

Friggin' amazing Amazing Aliens Rap.

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Airbender's Superbowl Trailer Comes Out Early

IO9 has a teaser trailer for The Last Airbender. Looks pretty sweet!

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Doom iPhone Code Review

Doom Iphone code review. Cool.

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Red Letter Media Reviews Avatar

Remember the excellent 70 minute Episode 1 review? Well, that dude has come back and given the goods to Avatar.

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MaComfort brings a little Mac back to your PC

Know how sometimes if you use one type of computer at home, and another at work, you end up using some behaviors from one and find they don't work on the other? If you are a mac person you might want to check out MaComfort which brings some things like quicklook and spaces to the windows world.

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Rails 3.0 Beta

Well, on the heels of the Github downtime last night, and perhaps related (* twirls mustache*), Rails 3.0 beta has been committed.

There's also a new app on edge rails post up for people who want to give it a shot.

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February 03, 2010
Great Photoshop Tutorial From Miss Aniela

Bending over backwards in Photoshop. Literally is a great post from a flickr superstar, photographer and model. Miss Aniela shows how she created a very cool image from another fairly "meh" one. An interview with her was done for TWIP a while back and can be found here.

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Latest on Oscar Pirating

Another great post from waxy.org on Pirating the 2010 Oscars.

Avast, ye scurvy dogs! The Oscar nominees were announced yesterday, which means it's time again to revisit the eternal war between the MPAA and Internet movie pirates.

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uTorrent 2.0 Release

uTorrent Reaches Milestone With 2.0 Release.

Today, uTorrent version 2.0 was officially released. This new release is built to be more network friendly thanks to the Micro Transport Protocol (uTP) which aims to mitigate network congestion caused by poorly configured BitTorrent clients.

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February 02, 2010
Ruby on Rails 3.0 Release Notes

No, it's not released yet (as far as I know anyway), but the Ruby on Rails 3.0 Release Notes are a nice friendly look at what will be coming down the pipe.

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Full Gadget Ratio

Via Aryk: The true "size" of a gadget can be calculated now through the Full Gadget Ratio. This looks correct to me.

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Interview With A 419 Scammer

Very cool Interview with a scammer over at Scam Detectives. Excerpt:

John: First you need to understand how the gangs work. At the bottom are the "foot soldiers", kids who spend all of their time online to find email addresses and send out the first emails to get people interested. When they receive a reply, the victim is passed up the chain, to someone who has better English to get copies of ID from them like copies of their passport and driving licenses and build up trust. Then when they are ready to ask for money, they are passed further up again to someone who will pretend to be a barrister or shipping agent who will tell the victim that they need to pay charges or even a bribe to get the big cash amount out of the country. When they pay up, the gang master will collect the money from the Western Union office, using fake ID that they have taken from other scam victims.

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New Anti-Spam Methods?

Slashdot story about some researchers who Claim "Effectively Perfect" Spam Blocking Discovery.

A team of computer scientists from the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, CA are claiming to have found an "effectively perfect" method for blocking spam. The new system deciphers the templates a botnet is using to create spam and then teaches filters what to look for.

Basically it relies on the fact that spammers use templates to send out their emails, and reverse engineers them. All I can say is "oh please please make this work".

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South Park Mac vs. PC

My buddy Jason forwarded me this South Park Mac vs. PC which really boils the Mac vs. PC debate down nicely.

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New Kick-Ass International Trailer

*squeels like a little girl* OMG there's a new... *cough*. I mean Awesome, there's a new Kick-Ass International Trailer that's out.

Thanks Aryk!

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Understanding Multi-tasking on the iPad

For everyone winging about how the iPad doesn't have multi tasking, there's an interesting article on Smoking Apples on Understanding Multi-tasking on the iPad with some clarifications about what it is or isn't, and what you may or may not use it for.

The point that it's not really multi-tasking of running multiple apps that people are bitching about, but the session based "using multiple apps at once" type of multi-tasking that people want. Maybe this is a new paradigm in using the computer that people will either like or not like? My thoughts are that the iPad will be great for some people with some workflows and requirements, and not good for others. Buy one if you want one, I don't care :P

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Virtualization on Ubuntu With KVM

Nice HOWTO article on Setting up virtualization on Ubuntu with KVM for anyone who was thinking about it but a bit intimidated.

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How to Shoot (Photographs) Like A Terrorist

Light Chasers Photography has a great article on How to Shoot (Photographs) Like A Terrorist. An excerpt:

Bring the largest camera (or lens) you have
We all know that terrorists want attention - that's why they plant bombs wreak as much havoc as they can. They want people to notice them so they can get their message heard. This means that terrorists don't want to bring around small, inconspicuous cameras - they don't attract any attention. If you want to look like a terrorist, bring out the biggest hunks of plastic, metal, and glass that scream out "I'm a photographer terrorist."

In all seriousness, it does show just how stupid the whole "if you're taking pictures of things, you're probably a terrorist and should be harassed by the rent-a-cops".

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Groovin' Owl

I've never seen such an odd looking, nor Groovin' Owl in my life.

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February 01, 2010
Software on the Cheap

Great article I found via twitter about Software on the Cheap and just why you should be paying your programmers more, and not less, and why that six figure salary will (probably, assuming they are good of course) be completely worth it compared to getting uncle bob's nephew who took some classes sometime.

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More Duke Nukem Forever Footage

A completely unofficial Duke Nukem Forever trailer has surfaced, with links and discussion up on Shacknews.

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25 Movies So Bad They're Unmissable

My internet buddy @jtstrocel pointed me to the Rotten Tomatoes list of 25 Movies So Bad They're Unmissable.

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iTunes 9.0.3 Released

TUAW notes that iTunes 9.0.3 was released, and hopefully based on the release notes, it'll fix the current bug I have where podcasts aren't properly synced to the iPhone if you manage them by hand.

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