September 30, 2011
The Top 6 Alternatives To The Kindle Fire

The Top 6 Alternatives To The Kindle Fire, because a device that's not released yet needs alternatives (and lets be honest, the group of contenders there is more a list of "what isn't the iPad").

As a side note, hows this for the definition of "damning with faint praise":

It's hard to love the Playbook, but if you're a diehard BlackBerry addict and you like a tablet with a smooth OS and great screen, this may be the one for you. Despite Playbook's sad storyline - released too soon, email and calendaring apps that didn't work right, a wonky syncing system - it's a solid device for BlackBerry users.

"Well, this car will explode about a tenth of the time that you drive it you'll find yourself on fire, the tires will sometimes randomly deflate while on the highway, and you can't drive more than 30, but for a Canadian it's fine."

Posted by Arcterex at September 30, 2011 09:09 PM