March 31, 2011
Angry Birds: The Movie Trailer

I have no words. Well, other than I'd love to see this for real.

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Captain America: The First Avenger Movie Trailer 1

Aryk sent me the link for Captain America: The First Avenger's Trailer. Wow, pretty awesome stuff.

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Coffee Lovers Blog

Yay! I'm back and ready to post up a storm... well, at least a minor drizzle, but it's starting up again! Lets start up with Dear Coffee, I Love You, a blog all (all) about coffee and coffee related things. Via Shawn Blanc.

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March 22, 2011
Short Hiatus

No, not the demise of the site, but I'm finally getting a bit of a break so I'll be staying offline as long as I can, so please don't be surprised if nothing really is posted here in the next week or so.

In the meantime though, send me any interesting stories as usual (easiest way is either directly to me @arcterex or the site @ufies on twitter or by email). If you're bored head over to a cool link blog like Reddit or Digg.

If you're interested in helping this site not get stale when I'm not around by being a writer or contributor, and have an idea of what the "vibe" of the site and the sorts of things that are posted here, please email or tweet me, I'd love to have some help.

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March 18, 2011
Vancouver Japan Relief  Walk of Hope

I'm not all that good at organizing things, but if you want to help support Japan in the crisis that I'm pretty sure you've heard about, check out the Vancouver Japan Relief Walk of Hope:

We encourage all participant to wear their red and whites, to show off the colors of both countries flags. Having a huge network of photographers, Christopher and his team will be covering this event from many angles and perspectives, capturing the true spirit of giving in action. Opportunities for direct donations can be made along the walk and also at the final destination where a team of volunteers will be meeting the arrivals. This Campaign will continue even after the Walk of Hope has completed.

This will be a great photo walk for Vancouver photographers looking to help out and have fun day, and you'll help a good cause. I'm looking forward to this big time! I know there are at least a few of readers in Japan and while I don't know you I hope you and your families are safe, and I hope that I can support in this small way.

I'll repost this again as time gets closer, but again, please do sign up and donate!

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How The Cable Companies Are Screwing You

7 ways the cable company's trying to screw you. My response.... "only 7?"

Given the speed with which companies shift names, it's not unlikely that the new Quebecor arena will be renamed something else within a few years. And, once again, we'll all feel like idiots when we can't remember what to call that big ugly building thingy where the dudes on the skates hit that rubber thingamajig.

Sadly because of the monopolies these companies have, and the gobs of cash, there's not really a lot you can do about it, because even if you (eg) cut your cable, you still need an internet connection to download your TV shows (assuming you don't just quit cold turkey of course) and guess who you give money to for that.... the cable company, and with caps and net neutrality coming down, you'll be ending up giving them even more money.

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Microsoft Shuts Down Spam Behemoth Rustock

Cool news that Microsoft shut down the spam behemoth Rustock, reducing worldwide spam by 39%. Can't say that I've noticed it, but it's good to know. Sadly I'm sure another network will pop up to take it's place, however it does feel lately that spam is moving off of email and onto IM/Mobile more.

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First-person Mario

Possibly an epic mod..... First-person Mario. Not sure if I could play it or not but it's a pretty damn cool idea.

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March 17, 2011
Firefox Faced Advertiser Backlash Over "Do Not Track"

Backlash Over "Do Not Track" Feature coming in Firefox 4:

"Their first posture toward us was, 'You're breaking the web. It's an economic model,'" Kovacs recounts. "'If you do this, you're single-handedly breaking the web. It'll be a great place for a non-profit, but you don't understand the web.'"
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Hobo with a Shotgun Trailer

Peejay sent me the link to the Hobo with a Shotgun Trailer. Lets say the trailer is NSFW due to violence, and at the same time awesome for the violence. Got a bit of a Death Wish feel to it.

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March 16, 2011
32 Best Quotes from Joss Whedon's Firefly

Created from Sci-Fi Wire, here's a video with clips of the 32 best quotes from Joss Whedon's Firefly.

So awesome. I'm thinking I might re-watch the whole series this weekend.

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Chatroulette Love Song

Pretty awesome YouTube - Chatroulette Love Song. Best line in it is the "I'm so glad you're not a naked guy".

Via Best Article Every Day.

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Regretsy - Stuff You Regret Buying

Found Regretsy via @loydcase on twitter. Awesome site showing lists of things that you wish you hadn't bought.

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Prey 2 Teaser Trailer

Prey 2 teaser trailer. Not much more to say :)

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March 15, 2011
Windows Phone 7 Extra Data Use Fixed

Seems the culprit for the extra data usage in Windows Phone 7 has been fixed. Yahoo Finally Fixed their IMAP Email System which was sending extra data with each request for new mail.

Bonus - Reddit link and discussion on a WP7 developer close to the breaking point (to which I say "all that and you're only close to the breaking point?" :)

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March 14, 2011
Katamari Javascript

Katamari Hack is a bookmarket that turns any page into a Katamari Damacy. Completely pointless, but awesome nonetheless!

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Happy Pi Day!

Thanks for wiebedj for reminding me that today (3/14) is Pi Day! May your radii be merry and your circumferences be bright. Or something like that.

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Your Highness - Restricted Trailer

Your Highness - Restricted Trailer. Extra bonus scene is Natalie Portman going to take a dip. Hey, just sayin'....

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March 10, 2011
Xcode 4 Review

Xcode 4: the super mega awesome review:

diting: Xcode gets brains There have been many criticisms of Xcode, especially from those coming from other platforms. "The UI sucks", "the key bindings are different", "it doesn't give me a blow job upon a successful build". Most of them are silly complaints that boil down to either a) Xcode is different, or b) an inability to check if a preference exists. However, there are lots of valid criticisms about Xcode, especially with regards to code completion, refactoring and other similar features. All these ones boil down to a very simple fact: Xcode doesn't really know much about your code. Thankfully Xcode 4 is more than just a pretty face, it also has brains.

Also, screw you Apple for not allowing free account apple devs to download the new version and selling it for $5 in the app store, that's just lame :(

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Why Stop Using Subversion

Nice article on why It's time to stop using Subversion.

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Lost Pictures of New York Blizzard Find Their Home

Pretty cool video of how some Found Lost Pictures of New York Blizzard found their way home. Via this reddit story.

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March 09, 2011
RockMelt now in Open Beta

Rockmelt the Chrome re-spin into a "social browser" is now in Open Beta!

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iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPad Walkthrough

The Apple-heads will already know that iOS 4.3 was released today (why 2 days early? who knows), and if you're interested in what's changed, you'll want to check out the iOS 4.3 walkthrough.

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Thurrott on Lack of Windows Phone Update

Paul's latest post, Still no update shows a very frustrated person trying to continue loving MS WIndows Phone 7 and (apparently) having a hard time when the promised update to fix all the random things wrong with the initial release is (still) nowhere to be seen. I too find it hard to believe that a company as big as MS can't get an update out for a phone with a (I presume) fairly small market share.

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James Bond Dresses as a Woman for International Woman's Day

For a good cause and everything, and pretty damn funny. James Bond Dresses as a Woman for International Woman's Day. Sorry but Daniel Craig just doesn't pull that dress off. :)

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The Land Before Time

Today's Penny Arcade cartoon The Land Before Time.... all I can say is "very true".

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March 08, 2011
Episode III Images

Great compilation of Episode III imagery via @fozbaca.

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Evocative Photos of Star Wars Toys

I wasn't sure what to expect when I clicked on the Daring Fireball link entitled Evocative Photos of Star Wars Toys, but after looking at Avanaut's Photostream, that's exactly how I'd describe them too. Fantastically executed shots.

More proof that with a bit of ingenuity and imagination you are never in the "nothing to take pictures of" zone.

Update: An article on his setup and how he creates the images in Gizmodo.

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Fuji X100 Official Promotion Video

I know it's a promo video, but those photogs in the crowd who know what the Fuji X100 is will appreciate it. The beauty of this camera is amazing (sadly so is the price). Anyone who wants to get me a review unit I'd love you forever! Check the Fuji X100 Official Promotion Video over at RiceHigh's blog.

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New TWiT Photography Show - MostlyPhoto Beta 1

If you're photographically inclined, you might be interested to check out the new show from the guys at TWiT, in it's "episode zero" format - MostlyPhoto Beta 1 with @mostlylisa (Lisa Bettany) and @treyratcliff (Trey Ratcliff of Stuck in Customs). I'm only about halfway through but it's nice to hear they're not concentrating on gear, but more on what you can do with the gear you already have. Lots of talk about HDR in the initial show (not surprising because Trey is there) and as a bonus at around 28 minutes in you get to watch Trey do a "live" HDR of one of Leo's photos.

Sadly there's not an RSS feed yet, or anything to subscribe to. Looking forward to it going live so I can add it to my own list of photo podcasts.

Update: Beta 2 - Thanks Foz!

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90′s TV Shows from Nickelodeon

Nice collection of the 15 of the Best 90′s TV Shows from Nickelodeon. Nice little flashback for some of us, though honestly the only one in there that I really remember is Ren and Stimpy.

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iPad 2 Virtual Window Concept

Cool concept app that could let you create a iPad 2 Virtual Window. Just an idea for now, but definitely something nifty to check out.

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March 07, 2011
Traditionally Animated Superman Film

Very awesome Traditionally Animated Superman Film, complete with a pretty cool explanation of the how and why at the end.

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Ars reviews the Motorola Xoom

Ars reviews the Motorola Xoom.

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Alice GDC Trailer

Alice GDC Trailer. Awesome.

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LRPAD - Multi-touch Editing In Lightroom with your iPad

LRPAD is a cool app which lets you wirelessly connect your iPad to your Lightroom editing. Something to keep note of for if/when I get an iPad.

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Google Announces Traffic Avoiding Updates to Maps

Google announced today that they have released a beta of their Mobile Maps software to help route you around traffic, at least in areas where the traffic data is available.

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A Million Random Digits: Book Reviews

Aryk pointed me to these interesting Amazon reviews of the book A Million Random Digits.

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March 06, 2011
Battlestar Galactica Timeline

Pretty great visual of the BSG Timeline. Found via Laughing Squid.

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TRON Animated Series brings a trailer of the TRON animated series. I like the look of it for sure! Anyone know a date other than "coming soon"?

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March 04, 2011
IE6 Countdown

IE6 Countdown, Microsoft doing their best to stop people from using their ten year old product.

Good on them I say.

Via Daring Fireball.

A quick thought: The reason that this is happening (people continuing to use IE6 that is) I believe is because there's so much of Windows XP still around, and IE6 is the default on that install. If Vista or Windows 7 was as accessible (and piratable) then Windows XP would have less of an install base and therefor that much less of IE6. Just a thought anyway.

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March 03, 2011
Audio slideshow: Human Planet

BBC has this Audio slideshow that is awesome. Must watch for any photography geeks.

Accompanying the film crews was photographer Timothy Allen. His stunning still images captured unique glimpses of people living in the world's most extreme environments. Take a look at some of them, and listen to him explain how he snapped the most arresting shots.
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Awesome Bookshelves

Seen on There, I Fixed, possibly the most awesome bookshelf design ever. Want!

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Simon's Cat: "Sticky Tape"

New Simon's Cat! Sticky Tape.

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March 02, 2011
Upgrading Every Version of Windows

Reddit has a cool video of Upgrading through every version of windows, in VMware. Very nerdy, and a bit nostalgic. Also a testament to how much better Windows has gotten over the years, and Microsoft's dedication to software backwards compatibility.

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Blah Blah iPad 2

Yes, there's some sort of Apple thing today, if you want to look at the liveblogs like a nutcase you know where to go, if you don't but are interested you'll probably not be able to avoid the news and/or rabid fanboys at your place of work, if you don't care, well, I haven't put any links or extra details here for you to get annoyed at :)

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2012 Lamborghini Aventador

OK little boys and little boys who have grown up, you will want to look at the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador. Truly a pinup I'd put on my wall. Check out this shot to see just how sleek it is. Thanks to H at work for passing it on to me this morning.

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March 01, 2011
DOOM on a Calculator

Next in line for the "WTF did they do that" list, YouTube - The real DOOM on a calculator!

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Redesigned Evernote for iPhone

One of my favorite desktop and mobile apps, Evernote has just Completely Redesigned Evernote for iPhone and iPod Touch. Very cool, can't wait to give the new UI a shot!

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