January 30, 2015
Google Earth Pro is now free

Ever wanted to try out Google Earth Pro, but not been able to justify the cost? Well, now it’s free.

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January 29, 2015
The NFL Just Released an Anti-Domestic Violence Super Bowl Ad That Every Man Needs to See - Mic

The NFL Just Released an Anti-Domestic Violence Super Bowl Ad

The ad makes a powerful point — all without ever showing actual violence. As the camera pans across a wrecked home, a woman can be heard calling 911. In the recreated voiceover, a woman tells the 911 operator she’d like to order a pizza. At first exasperated, the operator then realizes the caller is in danger, using the pizza order as cover while her abuser stands nearby. 

This was a very affecting ad.

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Autistic Weather Enthusiast Frankie MacDonald Given His Own Segment On Cape Breton News Show

Autistic Weather Enthusiast Frankie MacDonald Given His Own Segment On Cape Breton News Show

Frankie MacDonald is a Canadian man with autism who has an insatiable passion for all things meteorological. He even broadcasts his own online weather show and his hugely popular videos led to CBC News giving him the chance to present a segment on their program.

My country makes me proud once again.

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January 28, 2015
Canadian Government Spies on Millions of File-Sharers

Looks like up here in the frozen north we were feeling left out, luckily we now know that the Canadian Government Spies on Millions of File-Sharers, so we can be just like the big boys in the US.

That assumption has today been blown completely out of the water amid revelations that Canada’s top electronic surveillance agency has been spying on millions of downloads from more than 100 file-sharing sites.

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January 23, 2015
Incredible Skills of the NHL All Stars

GoPro Video Shows Us the Incredible Skills of the NHL All Stars:

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January 21, 2015
Microsoft announces Windows Holographic with HoloLens headset

Microsoft announces Windows Holographic with HoloLens headset. Probably the best explanation of what the new sci-fi stuff that Microsoft announced today (along with some other boring windows stuff).

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The Onion Fact-Checks The State Of The Union Address

Fact-Checking The State Of The Union Address:

“Wages are finally starting to rise again”: This is false. What we perceive as “time” is merely an illusion created by the limitations of our own consciousness. All is now.

Lots of amazing gems in there.

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January 20, 2015
A Mac user's weird experience buying a PC laptop

A fun article on Macworld on buying a non-Mac laptop: The opposite of Apple

The next model over was $1,179, but you could get it for $749 “After Instant Savings.” I have no idea what the point of having “eCoupons” or “Instant Savings” is unless it’s to give you the feeling of a toupé-wearing car salesman who would love to set you up with a laptop today, but he has to talk to his manager first.

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Evernote Ends support for Hello, Peek, and BlackBerry

Evernote Blog: Evernote to end support for Hello, Peek, BlackBerry 7, and PlayBook

As of February 7th, we’ll be retiring Evernote Hello, Evernote Peek, Evernote for BlackBerry 7, and Evernote for BlackBerry PlayBook. This means they’ll no longer be available for download and we won’t be making any further updates to them. It also means that the apps or features within the apps, including sync with Evernote, will no longer work.

Unsurprising, most of the functionality from these apps has been supplanted in the main app or others, or just isn’t as relevant anymore. And I hate to say it, but no one uses a blackberry anymore…

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"The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation" | Hip Hop Is Read

Found The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation through a reddit discussion on evil coprorations, where someone brought up that the US privatized prison system is engineered to get as many people in jail as possible.

[…] told us that since our employers had become silent investors in this prison business, it was now in their interest to make sure that these prisons remained filled. Our job would be to help make this happen by marketing music which promotes criminal behavior, rap being the music of choice. He assured us that this would be a great situation for us because rap music was becoming an increasingly profitable market for our companies, and as employee, we’d also be able to buy personal stocks in these prisons. Immediately, silence came over the room. You could have heard a pin drop.

If any of this is remotely true it’s absolutely amazing.

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January 15, 2015
Lightroom mobile for Android Available

Lightroom mobile for Android phones is now available.

Once you’ve told Lightroom a collection of pictures should be sent to Lightroom mobile, the process is handled automatically and the pictures will become available on your Android phone once it is connected to the internet. Any changes you make in Lightroom mobile will be automatically synced and updated back to the Lightroom catalog on your desktop.

Very handy program to have, glad it’s made it’s way to Android now as well. Really this fulfills the biggest dream I had when I had both an iPhone and Lightroom, rating photos on the toilet :)

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January 14, 2015
New Google Translate app Introduces Some Powerful Features

The new, more powerful Google Translate app integrates a couple of very cool technologies. The first is WordLens, an iOS app which would (in real time) show you a translation of a live feed from the camera (ie: you pointed the app at a page and it would show you a translation as you moved your phone over the page, or pointed it at different street signs, etc. The second is (almost) real time audio translation, letting you hold the phone between you and a foreign speaker, and it will listen and translate whichever language is being spoken and display and speak the translation.

The Translate app already lets you use camera mode to snap a photo of text and get a translation for it in 36 languages. Now, we’re taking it to the next level and letting you instantly translate text using your camera—so it’s way easier to navigate street signs in the Italian countryside or decide what to order off a Barcelona menu. While using the Translate app, just point your camera at a sign or text and you’ll see the translated text overlaid on your screen—even if you don’t have an Internet or data connection.

I just showed this to a Spanish speaker in my office and he was amazed and it allowed us to have a (short) conversation in our native languages.

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Google Introduces Snooze in Inbox

Snooze in Inbox basically Sherlocked a ton of alternate iOS mail apps.

Snoozing the alarm in the morning is so satisfying. You get those extra few minutes of sleep without worrying you’re going to miss anything. That’s exactly what snoozing in Inbox is like. Whether you’re in an inconvenient place or simply need to focus on something else first, you can snooze away emails and Reminders to a better time or place without worrying you’re going to forget.

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January 13, 2015
HowToGeek Installs The Top 10 Download.com Apps

Here’s What Happens When You Install the Top 10 Download.com Apps.

We installed the top 10 apps from Download.com, and you’ll never believe what happened! Well… I guess maybe you might have a good guess. Awful things. Awful things are what happens. Join us for the fun!

Shockingly (not really) download.com is not the useful utility and site it used to be back in The Good Old Days(tm).

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The 'Muslim Birmingham' Fox News Claim Trail of Tears

BBC News - Apology for ‘Muslim Birmingham’ Fox News claim.

I can’t. Just… wow. Make sure you watch the full video of his “apology”. And then head over to #FoxNewsFacts on twitter to see the Internet mocking Fox News.

Then head over to see the original report where the whole thing started, with the bastion of Fair and Balanced says that Birmingham (a lovely English town) is “all Muslim” and how there are “hundreds” of no-go zones where non-muslims don’t go.

Keep an eye on the female anchors face when he talks about how anyone who goes to Birmingham who doesn’t dress according to Muslim law get beaten.

And finally read how traumatizing this ordeal has been on him.

If you told me this was a comedy parody from the Onion I would believe it. Yet some crazy huge percentage of the US population relies on Fox for actual news.


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January 12, 2015
Inside a Rolex Submariner

Seeing inside a Rolex is a pretty awesome sight. The video is beautifully shot, and shows just why (I guess) you have to pay Rolex an extra arm when you get your watch maintained (or so I assume, having never owned a super-fancy watch).

Also I had no idea how many specialized tools and gizmos there were for watches.

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Paris Daily Photo Ends After 10 Years

The End of Paris Daily Photo, after 10 years of posting an image a day. Pretty fantastic, I’m only sad that I just discovered the site a few months ago.

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Fox News Hashtag #OverIt2014 Backfires Big Time

Fox News Hashtag #OverIt2014 Backfires Big Time. This is why you don’t try to create “grass roots” movements on the Internet when you’re not grass roots.

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January 09, 2015
2014's News Blooper Reel

News Bloopers from 2014. Some are pretty damn funny.

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January 07, 2015
Fastmail intrudoces JMAP A new EMail Protocol

JMAP is a new protocol that is introduced by FastMail as a proposed replacement for IMAP (and friends) for an open standard solution to doing push updates to email.

While I completely agree with them, this is needed, currently there’s no universal solution, etc etc. However it ticks the same box as most “we could stop spam dead” solutions…. everyone would have to adopt it.

Not only that, but it’d have to be added to all the existing (boring, unfun) infrastructure code (like postfix, exchange, etc) to provide the services to all the mobile providers.

Will have to see if it goes anywhere.

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Ant-Man Teaser Trailer

Reddit was where I saw the 1st Full Look at Ant-Man teaser trailer.

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January 06, 2015
Video of An Explosion at a fireworks factory

Explosion at fireworks factory:

Amazing and terrifying at the same time.

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January 05, 2015
How Americans refer to their bros

The dude map shows you how men the US refer to their male friends.

Also, merry 2015!

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