April 29, 2010
Randall Donald Retires From Debian

My buddy Khensu retired from Debian. Also known as Khensu he was best known for the nVidia driver packaging. My thanks for your contributions over the last 9 years, many many users have been the beneficiaries of your hard work. Thanks dude!

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October 29, 2007
Want to Take Film Class in the Lower Mainland?

This is a quick plug for a friend of mine who is running a film course in Abbotsford. Check out Glass Planet FilmWorks for more details.

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January 29, 2007
Someone Selling My Photo on eBay!

So this is something that's completely pissed me off. I got a comment posted on my personal site that someone has listed my picture as their own on eBay!

It's stupid and lame for a few reasons (£0.01 for one thing, second is "shipping is free"? third is it's the wrong format for wallpaper anyway), and the auction has ended. However, it's still up there and in violation of copyright I believe. Anyone have experience with this, specifically how to get the auction removed or who to contact at eBay about this in the future? Their help system doesn't seem to have a nice "report abuse" link that's readily visible.

Note to self for the future, don't post large versions of images, and if I do, watermark them. :(

Dang, seems you can't trust anyone these days...

Update: The bastard has listed it again! The image (linked to my site) has been replaced this time though.

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January 21, 2007
An ArcterVacation

Old Post... - Guess this never got posted cause I didn't read the part in the manual about scheduling future posts properly.... OOops! Here it is for your enjoyment before I start posting again tomorrow.

Well I'm off for a bit, my first vacation since 2001, I'm very excited. I've turned off comments for non-authenticated users who don't have typekey to keep the comment spam at bay, sorry if this screws people up.

I've left some good folks to amuse you while I'm gone. Fred, Darren and Iambe will (or probably will) be posting here in my absence, if not, well, you get to amuse yourselves :)

While I'm gone you can hit my daily time-sinks:

See ya'll in a week!

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December 15, 2006
You know It's Going to be a Bad Day When....


  • Get so many "host down" alerts on your blackberry that you are convinced that it's a malfunction with the monitoring server, not the actual machines
  • One of the two bridges to the north shore is closed (and hear rumors of it taking two and a half hours to get across the other)
  • You get to work and discover that the other office where all your clients servers are located is completely without power
  • Your see OpenNMS has only 10 servers with problems recorded.... until you notice the last item on the list is "59 more..."
  • The guy who normally rolls in at 9:30 or 10 has been here since 5 am
  • You discover that it was decided at 6:30am to do a "midnight move" of all client machines from the other office (without power) to the new one (with power) with no plan, prep, or warning
  • Decide to completely ignore email as there's really no point at this point

I so wish I could write "found this funny list at xxx's blog :)

I am now going to go and hide under my desk...

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