July 27, 1999
Minus Man Trailer Okay, I know, technically it's not a movie, but it is the finest piece of work I've seen this week, so up goes the review! This was one of those trailers that told you absolutely nothing about the film, other than it features Sheryl Crow, but still managed to captivate, amuse, and intrigue.

In case you never see it (no one I've talked to outside the one girl I saw it with), it starts with a couple walking out of a movie theater at night, talking animatedly about the movie they've seen. The "Artisan" logo first made me think it was for Blair Witch Project, but the discussion didn't fit. The next shot is of the same couple debating heatedly in a coffee shop, then a club, a restaurant, finally on a bridge. "Look at that," says the man, pointing to the sky, as the sun is just rising. They've been talking all night. The woman panics and runs away immediately. She tears into a building, then stands before a locker, gasping for breath and stripping off her clothes frantically. She runs into the next room, and is revealed in her lifeguard uniform standing before a swimming pool. Two people are floating facedown in the pool; she looks dismayed. Freeze shot for a moment. Cut to tagline: man says "The Minus Man - You could talk about it all night."

The audience sorta looked puzzled for a moment, then burst out into laughter. What a striking preview! A good trailer may precede a bad movie (Wild Wild West), or a good movie that bears no resemblence to the trailer (Rushmore), and neither of the advertised web sites (theminusman.com and shootinggallery.com) work, but all I know now is man! I want to see that trailer again.
-- by fenchurch Posted by Arcterex at July 27, 1999 03:42 PM