March 31, 2005
Snake Takes a Bite Wow, these pics show just how big a lunch a snake can take. Wow.

Someone just emailed me these pics of a snake having a bit of a snack, I was wondering what sort of snake it was, and considering what it is snacking on, is it native? How did it catch the roo or was this staged at a wildlife park or something?
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Sin City, Movie Vs Comic Darren pointed to this page with a bunch of SIN CITY Comparisons, showing side by sides of the comic and the movie. Not only amazingly loyal to the comic book, but in many cases, exact. Impressive. Course, I've never read the comic book, so I have no attachment to them being the same, but I am looking forward to seeing the movie. Friday maybe? Or Sat?
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March 30, 2005
What You Could Have Done By Your Age Wow, here's something to depress you. Etan posted a page with Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age. Geez, what a great way to start the week :)
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A Trio Of Star Wars Fan Films Dana threw me these three links to some star wars fan films:
  • One Season More - a musical with cool rendering, but (to me) only interesting for the rendering.
  • Sith Apprentice - a take off of The Apprentice, pretty funny.
  • American Jedi - Obi-Wan goes back to high school, absolutely frickin' hilarious.... "slip me your hairy wookie!" Bwahahahahahha!

Course, nothing beats Troops....

Thanks dude.

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March 27, 2005
Shhhhhhh.... Don't Say Anything or You'll Spook It...
alan@master:~$ uptime
 10:15:53 up 366 days, 20:31, 68 users,  load average: 0.84, 0.95, 0.93
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March 15, 2005
Too Cute John posted this pic of a moose meeting a cat. Far too cute for this early in the morning!
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Quake 3... Raytraced Quake3 Raytraced is a project to, well, re-write the graphics renderer from Quake3 to use a raytracing engine.

The game engine was written from scratch and supports player and bot movement including shooting and jumping, collision detection, and many sepcial effects like jump-pads and teleporters.

As you can see on the screenshots page some things aren't as detailed as in the original version, however the raytracing allows some very cool effects!

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March 14, 2005
Doom 3 Case Mod A very cool DOOM 3: Project Mars City Mod. All I can say is "wow", lots of work went into this. Also related is the Half Life 2 Mod.
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LDAP Browser in Java A link so I don't have to go digging for it again..... a sweet, free, java based LDAP Browser/Editor.
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Another GNOME 2.10 Review Sayamindu Dasgupta over at the GNOME Journal has a good go through of the GNOME 2.10 Desktop and Development Platform.
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March 12, 2005
More Dual Monitor Backgrounds Another random find of dualscreen backgrounds.
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March 10, 2005
Star Wars Episode 3 Trailer First of all, it's going to be shown on the OC tonight (if you watch that stuff), but someone has it on their blog. A bootleg and pretty poor quality, but if you can't wait.... :)

Update: Darren linked to torrents of a trailer, not sure if it's the same as the one I saw originally, if not, sucks to be you I guess.... hope the guys site goes back up soon :)

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Oatmeal Box Pinhole Cameras A cool site with everything you wanted to know about building and using Oatmeal box pinhole cameras.
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More on Unreal 3 Shacknews has some more info and links about Unreal Engine 3 Impressions. True seamless level loading, yum!
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March 09, 2005
New Movie, Stealth Trolling the movie trailers I found Stealth which while it looks like a really cheesy story, could be a great looking movie with lots of jet action. I'll get to see in 5 months or so I guess :)
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GNOME 2.10 Released Yay! After 6 months of work the GNOME 2.10 Desktop & Developer Platform is out in the wild. So where are the ebuilds for it? :)

Anyway, the release notes should have all the info and screenshots you need, and there is also a livecd (.torrent) out there for us impatient folks :)

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March 08, 2005
Linux and Digital RAW Files A nice summary of Linux and RAW Digital Photography.
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SATA Comparisons Slashdot linked to a SATA comparison. These are higher priced and higher performance cards, but it's good to know what's out there and available. Man, technology has come a long way... their highest recommended card, the Areca ARC-1120, has it's own onboard http server to let you monitor your hard drives.... wow. This card also supports RAID6 (RAID5 + another parity drive and the ability to withstand two simultanious drive failures if I read it right). Something to think about for the next incarnation of the server. Of course, I think that the $700 US cost for this might make it a bit price prohibitive for me :)

If you don't think this should be a problem, feel free to contibute via the paypal link though!

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March 04, 2005
GNOME 2.10 Splash Screen Chosen The splash screen contest has chosen the new splash screen for GNOME 2.10. Looks pretty good, not flashy, not boring....
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March 02, 2005
Mini-Mac in a Lexus Man, how sexy is this? Lexus, mini-mac, on screen display of os/x, usb2, wifi, bluetooth and firewire all bundled up together. Me wants!
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Superhero Motivational Posters JWZ has a link to some superhero motivational posters. I think that this is my favorite. All I can say is brilliant and a great compliment to Despair, Inc.s demotivators.
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March 01, 2005
Thinking on GNOME 3.0 The GNOME Wiki has some interesting discussion on GNOME 3.0.
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Switching to a Mac? A nice article on Ars Technical on Mac OS X for new Mini owners. Everything a winders folk needs to know about his or her new shiny mac. *sniff*, I miss my powerbook :( Via Inluminent.
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