December 31, 2007
Disable UAC For an App in Vista

xPerts64 (a Microsoft x64 blog) has a hint on how to Disable UAC Prompt for a Single Application. Genius! Still a bit overly-complex for a normal person, but handy I suppose if you have something you use often that requires UAC (for me, BF2142 and Quickbooks) that you know is safe.

I wonder why a) Microsoft didn't put something like this into Vista to begin with (possibly to "force" application developers to change their apps to be UAC compliant) and b) if this could be scripted out by malware authors.

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Snoring Cat

I love cute things and sites like, and I do try not to post every cute link I see there, cause it'd be damn annoying and you guys can use the interwebs to find the tube that connects you to that site anyway. However, this video of a snoring cat made me LOL and LMAO, which is fairly unusual. So enjoy.

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Hilarious Crysis Review

Fantastically original Crysis Review, complete with pictures (and very legit gripes).

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The HDMI Cable Scam

Found a good article on something I've always suspected about.... the HDMI cable scam:

Let's begin by going back in history to the birth of really expensive cables. It started with speaker wire. When you connect a normal speaker to a normal stereo system, you are sending both a signal (in the form of an oscillating wave) and a lot of power (potentially hundreds of watts) through the speaker cable. Someone realized that to send a lot of power, a thick cable would cause less distortion. Thus, mega cables were born. And they were expensive.

Now run, hurry to take back those $200 Monster Cables you got at Christmas and replace them with cheaper versions!

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iPhone 1.1.3 Details and Video

Macenstein and Gear live have details on the iPhone firmware 1.1.3. This of course will also break any jailbroken apps.... *sigh* :(

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December 27, 2007
"Colormation" Test - Interesting and Creepy

Via BoingBoing comes a Colormation Screen Test video from the 60s which is creepy and cool all at the same time.

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December 25, 2007
12 Days of Christmas BSG Style

The Twelve Days of BSG.

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December 24, 2007
Knight Rider Teaser

Via digg: First Trailer For New Knight Rider Airs. Barely a teaser, still cool to see.

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The RSS Reader

A cool interview by scoble on RSS reader. Anyone got an invite they can throw my way? I love my google reader, but this does look pretty cool....

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JAPH Examples

Cultured Perl: The elegance of JAPH - nice look back at some of the great JAPHs of ages of old.

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December 21, 2007
Uses for a Dead Mac

Three uses for a dead PowerMac G3.

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Hellboy 2 Trailer

Hellboy II: The Golden Army Trailer.

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Mini-Me on WOW

Mini Me Does World of Warcraft... not as good as the Mr. T one IMHO, still funny though.

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December 20, 2007
XKCD Authors@Google Talk

The creator of XKCD Randall Munroe giving a talk at Google. Long (58 minutes), and very amusing.

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Lightroom Picasa Export

Picasa Web Export Plugin for Lightroom... nifty stuff, hoping for a Facebook and Flickr exporter as well!

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Funny Programming Story

Via reddit: chalain: Computers Fear Me.

I forgot Pascal 15 years ago. This is not the same as never having learned it. For one thing, you mutter under your breath a lot more.

Reminds me of some of the ugly hacks and screen scrapers I've done in my time.... :)

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December 19, 2007
Perl 5.10 Released

Wow, Perl 5.10 has been released! What is new for perl 5.10.0? I think my favorite feature so far is the '//' operator. Will save lots of typing...

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Duke Nukem Forever Teaser on Shacknews

Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Debuts on Shacknews, also they have a decade of Duke feature article. Youtube trailer version.

The trailer itself is... well, "meh". Great pre-rendered visual of Duke, and maybe 2 seconds of (theoretically) game footage. Anyone whose seen a teaser for any FPS in the last few years has seen just as good though, check out the trailers for FEAR, BF2/2142, CoD4, Crysis, UT3, etc. Which brings back the thought I had last night, does it matter anymore. Other than the new twist of "it's duke nukem and he's wise cracking", what are we going to see here that's not a variation and adaption of the other games out there. The original Duke was revolutionary because it was one of the first of it's kind, before Half Life and all it's friends. Now the market is so watered down...

I guess I'll believe it when I see it. Do wish they had released more of a trailer, so little just screams (to me) hardly anything done, and/or it'll change way more before it's done (like the last couple of trailers). Fingers crossed though.

Comments anyone?

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December 18, 2007
Duke Nukem' Trailer Tomorrow?

Despite the multitude of comments I have, lets start with a link to the shacknews story stating Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Releasing Tomorrow; This is Real and We Are Not Shitting You. My thoughts:

  • It's over 10 years later, does it still matter?
  • We saw a teaser six years ago and nothing came from that, who knows if that'll happen again?
  • Daikatana
  • It can't live up to the hype of over a decade of "it's coming and it'll be wonderful". See above.
  • Even if it is that good, will it be enough to excuse the rather uhm.... "long" release cycle?

Guess we'll see tomorrow.

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Wall-E Trailer #2

WALL-E Movie Trailer #2. W00t!

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December 17, 2007
Vista SP1 (RC) Copy/Move Fun

So fellow vista users... you know how copying or moving files around, especially to/from network shares is worse than the smell from a sweaty wookie's pits? Well, acording to WinExtra, Vista Service Pack 1 RC may not bring a solution :(

From the article:

Well it would seem that the Service Pack hasn’t made one bit of difference to the problems I was experiencing despite what had been listed in their published changelog that Long Zheng was good enough to publish. I realize that some will say that this is just something I am experiencing and must be related to my setup. The problem with that wishful thinking is that it is just that - wishful thing - especially considering that more than few forums around the web are reporting exactly the same; or very similar, problems.

I installed the hotfix a while back and performance has gotten 100x better than it was from the default install, which saved Vista from being rolled back to XP, however the performance is still pretty crappy compared to my linux box copying the same files to/from the same network drive (a Linux system running Samba). No, I'm not going to turn my fileserver into a vista box to get the (alleged) benefit of Vista-to-Vista copies :)

All I can say is I hope that Steven is exaggerating or that some changes happen between RC and the final release sometime next year.

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How To Spot a Cylon Posters

How To Spot a Cylon. We all need one.

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Best Nature Photography Winners

Impressive photography over at AOL Visions site.

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Web Based IDE for the iPhone

An Easy Web-Based IDE for iPhones is called "Jiggy", which looks... well.... supercool, even for someone such as myself who has put no thought into iPhone development (outside of using it as a user). Check out the video in the link for the niftyness.

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Jon Patch of the great Vancouver+ and Victoria+ addon packs points that FSX SP2 is available for download.

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December 16, 2007
5 Minutes of Cloverfield

More movie news.... you can check out 5 minutes of Cloverfield. I'm going to take a wild guess and say it's still not going to tell us what the heck the movie is about :)

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Dark Knight Trailer

Perez Hilton posted the link to a YouTube version of the The Dark Knight trailer. Anyone got a better (HD?) version?

Update - Somehow I figured that Oneiros would be the one to find it :)

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December 14, 2007
XP A Great Upgrade To Vista

Funny look at how Windows XP is a great upgrade to Vista.

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Original Tripping the Rift

Just for shits and giggles, check out the original Tripping the Rift animation.

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December 13, 2007
Rails 2.0 Screencasts

Just a quick nod to Akita on Rails for his Rails 2.0 Screencast and tutorial part 1 and part 2.

He commented on my original "Rails 2.0 is out" story with them and from what I've seen it's good stuff, so I wanted to give some more exposure.

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WTF Points Out More Stupid People

Looks like the Daily WTF also sees stupid people in the post for plz email me teh codez. Same situation as I have with complete idiots posting follow up questions again, and again, and again (over 2000 comments so far BTW).

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December 12, 2007
10,000 BC Trailer

G4TV has a 10,000 BC trailer. First I've seen.... anyone know more about this movie? Will they have good teeth?

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Upcoming ETQW 1.4 Patch

Details of the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars 1.4 Update. Some interesting stuff in there.

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December 10, 2007
Official Indiana Jones Poster

First official Indiana Jones Poster is out. I'm so looking forward to May 22nd....

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December 09, 2007
MP3 To iPod Audiobook Converter

Lifehacker has an app I've been searching for... the MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter. (From this list of 20 iPod utils.)

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What's New in the New Blade Runner?

What's new in Blade Runner: The Final Cut? Detailed list at

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Pixar Easter Eggs

Nice list of Pixar easter-eggs.

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December 07, 2007
First 5 Minutes of The Golden Compass Online

Geeks of Doom points out that ‘The Golden Compass’ - First 5 Minutes is online at the AOL movie site.

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Ruby on Rails 2.0 Released

Rails 2.0: It's done! proclaims the RoR blog. Good job guys! Looking forward to playing with the new stuff.

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Speed Racer Trailer

Darren pointed that a FIRST LOOK: 'Speed Racer' Trailer is up. It's fairly low quality sadly, but shows some of the look of the movie. Looks interesting for sure.

Update There's an HD version up on MovieFone.

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December 06, 2007
New Mobile Google Maps with Cell Tower GPS

Google Maps has released a new update for it's mobile application which uses Cell towers to figure out your location instead of relying on GPS... very cool, and it works on my blackberry for work! Great way to not have to zoom into wherever you are from a view of the entire world! :)

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December 05, 2007
Russian SU-30 Jet Videos

Remember the SU-27 back in the day (well, I do). Anyway, check out the pics and videos of the Su-30MK and how amazingly maneuverable it is.... man, you can't do those stunts!

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WGA Changes in Vista SP1

Looks like there are plans to ditch the Vista “kill switch” in Vista SP1.

When SP1 ships sometime in early 2008, it will strip away one of Vista’s most annoying features and remove one of the most persistent objections to Vista’s adoption. Microsoft plans to remove the infamous “kill switch” from Windows Vista when SP1 is installed, restoring the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) program to its original role as a series of persistent but nonlethal notifications.

Wonder if this will gain Vista more popularity through piracy, and put it on top of XP, instead of the current state where isn't not pirated half as much!

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Shuffling Cards in Code

Coding Horror has a nice little article onCard Shuffling for all the coding geeks out there.

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The New Bubble Song

Darren pointed me over to Here Comes Another Bubble - The Richter Scales a great song/video on YouTube. Very catchy.

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December 03, 2007
Massive Crysis Tweaking Guide

The inCrysis Crysis Forums have the Ultimate Tweak Guide with lots of commands and pictures to show you how fantastic crysis can look (if you have a dual quad core machine with 32G of ram and 4 SLI of whatever the latest and as yet unreleased video card is. Overclocked :)

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The Mundane Magic of Daniel Chesterfield

Another Laughing Squid Find is a set of videos of Daniel Chesterfield, Magic That Defies The Ordinary. Last video is my favorite, but you need to see the other ones to set up the vibe as it were :)

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Pretend to Be A Time Traveler Day This Saturday

Laughing Squid reminded me that Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day is incoming quickly. More info here.

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Convert iptables-save to Script Format

This is mostly for my own reference. Found a good page of IPtables Examples and programs including a very handy (for me right now) script that will convert the save format from iptables-save into a nice shell script.

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Putty Update

Darren pointed out that PuTTY just got a big update. New icon, tray icon, url hyperlinking, transparency, optional portability, reconnect on wakeup from stand-by are just a few of them. Go get it!

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December 02, 2007
More Batman Pics

Oneiros points out that AICN has New Joker and Batman promo pics from The Dark Knight.

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December 01, 2007
IGN's Top 100 Games of All Time

IGN Top 100 Games of 2007. 'Nuff said.

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