December 28, 2013
A Second Christmas Morning: The Console Living Room | Internet Archive Blogs

The Internet Archive has made a ton of old computer games from the 80s available and playable free online.

In an expansion of the Historical Software Collection, the Internet Archive has opened the Console Living Room, a collection of console video games from the 1970s and 1980s.

You can go to the Console Living Room and select your game system, then select a game, then play it, simple as that.

Ah…. nostalgia.

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December 23, 2013
Alan Turing posthumously pardoned of gross indecency charges

After more than 60 years, Alan Turing is given posthumous pardon of gross indecency charges, here’s the PDF document from the Queen, reversing one of the most offensive things done, where after breaking codes for the allies during World War 2 Alan Turing was prosecuted for being a homosexual, including chemical castration.

Enough? No. A start? Yes.

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Mitnick On the RSA / NSA Denial

Sorry, RSA, I’m just not buying it is the title of the latest blog from Kevin Mitnick, noted security expert. If you haven’t kept up, revelations came to light lately that security company RSA took $10 million from the NSA to deliberately weaken / backdoor their RSA cryptography, and RSA denied it, kinda. Mitnick basically says “nope”, but in a much more elegant way.

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Clusterfuck The Game Looks AWESOME!

Clusterfuck!, from the guys at Cards Against Humanity is another free, open source (well, PDF downloadable) and simple party game that looks hilarious, uncomfortable, and all over awesome.

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Ben Collins: Writing an ALSA driver

Getting back to some “light” linux programming this holiday season? Check out Ben Collins 5 part series on Writing an ALSA driver. It’s all there, and if you’re interested in a jump start to kernel and deep linux programming, this is an excellent start.

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December 22, 2013
iOS 7 Jailbreak Released

Merry almost Christmas to you folks wanting your iOS 7 untethered Jailbreak:

Just in time for Christmas, the Evasi0n team has released an iOS 7 compatible Jailbreak. I’ve just jailbroken my wife’s iOS iPhone 5s (long story) so I’m pretty sure it is legit.

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December 20, 2013
List of Award-winning iOS Apps on Sale Now

Award-winning apps, up to 60% off for Christmas! Some great stuff in there, most of them I own already.

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December 19, 2013
Instagram movie

Think your picture of your latte, or shoes is pretty cool and original and should be on instagram? Check out how This Instagram movie proves that every Instagram picture is the same. Or pretty damn close anyway.

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The Verge Reviews The New Mac Pro

Well, the big story this morning is that Apple’s released the new Mac Pro, and you now can get one if you have somewhere between $2999 and $13,000 (depending on configuration of course). The Verge goes Up close and personal with the new Mac Pro complete with hands on video. However it seems regardless of the price and odd look, it’s a smoking fast machine.

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December 18, 2013
Data Structure Visualization

Via Miles comes this link to Hacker News:Data Structure Visualization, with awesome animations of things like recursion, sorting, and a host of other common programming paradigms that you may not totally understand until you see them visually. Super cool and super nerdy!

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New Nokia Ad Is Weird and Stupid

Comparing the newest Apple, Nokia marketing spots makes us weep for humanity. Sure it’s a biased source (9to5mac), but seriously, watch the ad and tell me what it’s trying to tell us. One thing that Apple has always (mostly) done well is show in their ads what they want the buyer to feel, show an advantage of the product, etc.

This one is about a creepy babershop and has only the barest connection to the product.

Oh, and showing the tablet rotate a square image a) shows how much lag their is in the rotation and b) why do you rotate a square image!

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TapTapTap Releases Camera+ 5

Introducing Camera+ 5 and new free update from TapTapTap. New improvements for Clarity, auto-straightening, and “The Lab”, giving you tons of adjustable effects.

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Dawn of The Planet of The Apes Trailer Released

Dawn of The Planet of The Apes trailer:

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December 17, 2013
Rails 4.1: What's New?

What’s new in Rails 4.1 over the Coherence Blog.

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December 16, 2013
"22 Jump Street" Red Band Trailer

The trailer for 22 Jump Street looks as zany and fun as the first reboot.

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Stephen King Reveals New Novel: "Mr. Mercedes"

Mr. Mercedes Cover Revealed over at

In a mega-stakes, high-suspense race against time, three of the most unlikely and winning heroes Stephen King has ever created try to stop a lone killer from blowing up thousands.

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Bangladesh sets largest human flag record

Saw today that Bangladesh set the record for the largest human flag. I was in Dhaka this May for work and took lots of pictures and had a great time with the people, so a big congrats goes out to the country!

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December 12, 2013
Surfing the Web on a 27 Year Old Computer

How I introduced a 27-year-old computer to the Web is a great writeup on the challenges (some more expected than others) of surfing the web on, in this case, an original Mac Plus.

I’d love to see the equivelant for a windows machine. IE: Windows 3.0 (or 3.1?) and see how it does.

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GOG Gives Away Fallout and Fallout 2

GOG has a winter promo where you get Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics, for the reduced price of $0. Old games, but hey, free is free.

Thanks to StaticRed for sending me over the link.

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Instagram Blog

The new version of Instagram today introduced Instagram Direct, a way to send pictures directly to people. Kinda like DMing an image via Twitter, which was just allowed a couple of days ago as well.

Instagram direct is in Instagram 5.0, which is available on Google Play and the iOS App store today.

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December 11, 2013
Epic DUI Prank

Epic DUI Prank. I realize it’s making a point, but still, maybe something a bit more “legal” and less “youtube pranky”. Still, ballsy.

Kids, don’t be dumbfucks and drink and drive, k?

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Free Fonts and Icons for Christmas

Hongkiat has a nice list of Design Resources For Christmas if you are needing to do some rebranding for Christmas.

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500px / Blog / Announcing

Today 500px (my favorite photography site online) announced an evolution of it’s marketplace, called

500px Art offers 28 options for base materials, styles, frames and multiple sizing options to choose from. Payment processing is available in over 20 currencies and shipping is world-wide (your most requested option is here!). As a dedicated site, is accessible to anyone looking to purchase and sell exceptionally beautiful photographs.

Site looks awesome. Remember that you can of course follow my work there at

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December 10, 2013
Full Length Trailer for Godzilla

First Full Length Trailer for Godzilla:

Gotta say I’m looking forward to this.

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December 09, 2013
Award Winning Sandwiches (With Recipes)

If I was a southern bell I’d be fanning myself furiously and saying “lawd, lawd” at this list of Award Winning Sandwiches (With Recipes).

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Three helpless deer rescued by hovercraft

Three helpless deer rescued by hovercraft. Pretty cool.

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December 06, 2013

LMAO at this Dadholes video I found via Forgetfoo.


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December 05, 2013
Nelson Mandela Dies @CNN

Nelson Mandela dies :(

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Reuters Best photos of the year 201

Another list of Best photos of the year 2013 from Reuters. Some really good ones in there, though be warned, there are a few that are a bit disturbing.

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Go-Pro strapped to a MiG-31 "Foxhound"

Seeing the Go-Pro strapped to a MiG-31 “Foxhound” video for an old school fighter jet nerd like me? Epic.

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December 04, 2013
Making the Web Faster with HTTP 2.0

Interesting article: Making the Web Faster with HTTP 2.0

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MailChimp's Analysis of Email Addresses

Fascinating look from MailChimp about What Does Your ISP Say About You? Not only does it tell you a lot from your email, but shows what type of user users what ISP and what browser. Point of fact: people still use AOL, AND the AOL browser.

Seriously people?

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December 03, 2013
On the failure of

512pixels has some excellent thoughts On the failure of I too am a web developer and even in the small scale sites I’ve dealt with have these issues, and I can only imagine that on a site like the issues would be multiplied a bazillion-fold.

Instead of trying to repeal the law, if the government should be spending time revisiting how it purchases and deals with IT. If that can’t happen, more than just healthcare will suffer in the future.

It’s sad that the over-legislation of everything government-oriented means that reasonable and sane things, like having affordable healthcare for everyone get lost in a complete clusterfuck caused by horrible contracting, bad project management, and what I can only imagine is the farthest possible thing from “agile” that you can imagine.

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Drool-Worthy $99 Kit Lets Kids Build Their Own Computer

Good buddy and sometimes-contributor Jim sent me this wired article on a Drool-Worthy $99 Kit Lets Kids Build Their Own Computers. It’s a kickstarter for the Kano, a kickstarter campaign to build a computer that’s as easy and fun as lego.

It’s already at $1,000,000 of it’s $100,000 goal, and based on the video, well worth it.

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Starwars on Instagram

Who wouldn’t want to follow Starwars on Instagram when the first pic is a Darth Vader selfie?

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Hilarious Live-Tweeting Of An In-Flight Feud With The Woman in #7A

Just a small excerpt from a Live-Tweeting His Flight-and-Feud With The Woman in #7A.

The male flight attendant is giving me the “let’s just pretend this never happened” face. Shaking his head a lot

You really have to read the full thing… yowza, some people eh?

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December 02, 2013
China's Chang'e-3 rocket launch

io9 proclaims that China’s Chang’e-3 rocket launch is one of the sexiest you’ll ever see. And they’re right!

The Chinese National Space Administration has successfully launched its Chang’e-3 lunar probe to the moon. If all goes well from here, it’ll be the first Chinese spacecraft to land on an extraterrestrial body — and the first rover to land on the moon in four decades.

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The Arcanum: An Online 'Hogwarts' Where You Can Learn One-on-One from the Pros

The Arcanum: An Online ‘Hogwarts’ Where You Can Learn One-on-One from the Pros

That system has all but disappeared where most professions are concerned, but photographer Trey Ratcliff wants to bring it back into the world of the arts, and he’s doing it through a newly-formed online “Magical Academy for the Mastery of the Arts” that he’s calling “The Arcanum.”

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